Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

r:the offices ofCon.fcience. · 49 --------- ------------~·-- ma:~er, faid theyto Nebuchadnezzar, although Cap. 4 • they ·heard his expreifecommands, and faw-~ the fiery furnace befor~ ~hem. Julian the _ _., Ap>6ftate forbad the-Chl~Ifh.ans t~ DngPfalms; R.i(ui ei e-t• the verywomen, and vtrgws d1d purpiJfely t~i furias[u· :fing the louder, when the Emperour was to as ~f!e intel· go by th~ir doors, that he faw his ~rath was ~xa.Magd. by them deri~ed: And th~fe Pialms they 3~nc-4-cap~ \ pic~d out that condemned h1s Idols, as that Pfalm,I3S· ver.I).I6,I8. . . Confciencerides in the [econd /Charet, and is Gen.41.4° .folo Deo minor, &, [oli- Deo fecunda. Witbnut 41· 44· thee(!aith God to cenfcience, as Pharaoh once to j (J(eph) [ball no man lift up hi! hand or foot: . One!y in the Throm will .I be gre:~ter ·then 'thou. Confcience hath a kingly, or magifrratuall power, but muft not exercife an Arbitrary power. It muft be it felf at his beck who is in the Throne: Of whofe fubordination to ·God, andhis written Word, andLaw, we ' !hall fpeak afterWlrds in his proper place. c f< • 1 _His third o!fice is Teflimoni'all, or. to bear ce~n ~~~~iWitneffe, 1\o'P. 2. I 4, I). The Gentiles who moniall had not the Law in Tables of frone as had Office. 1 the Jews~ had the Law written in their heart!, whichdid fhew it felf in this work of Confdence, Their confoienceJ alfo betJring witn:?ffi, 14~ .&c~This is the witneffi in a m~ru (elf,,a greater 1 S· . tefiimony then that of ~ John. This is theEpi- .[fle.o{ Ch!'ifi written in the heart. Our rejoycing lSthts, lhete[timrmyofourconfcien::e 1 2 Car.I. 12. A teltimony ~nd certificate which Gods Soirit cloth atteJl to; andconfent with, Rom.9.1. E / M!