Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

50 The o.fficet ofConftience. Cap. 4· liAy confoienee btaring me witnejJe in the holy·Gh8ft•. - .. In the mouth of thefe tl7o great witne.ffeJ the ftate of a Chrifrian is ef!ablijhed. For the-Spirit ltrm. S.I6 . ,. if . n; h . h r;. . h "·r:- ' tt Je wzwe_vet wzt our jputt, .. t at we are toe C ,._. . fons of Gnd, 8. l6. · This tefHmony of on1aenrut r • • b h r: d . {fc b . .Ulle tejfu. conLcJence IS a · ove at outan w1tne es, e It for thee, or againfi thee, 1 Job. ~·19,20,2 1. Turpe quid atfurM, te fim tefte time. I Take heed wherefoever thou art,what thou dofi; ConfCience will out with all die fecret paffages it hath 'Obferved. It is like Jofeph a– mong his brethren, who carried h01ne"' their ill report to their father, and made them much • Gen. 37· :2. a11ger. Thou never finndl:without a fpie, Qr an obferver, and informer. Do therefore as was faid of Mr. Latimer, who being exami• ned inprivate, fpake more freely,till he over– heard one behinde the Hangings ( whom he faw not prefent) to take inwritingwhat he faid; then he fpake more w~rily. Take heed )*hat thou doft' remotis arbitris. Curfe not the Kin~, no not in thy thought ( con[cience. the mar• f:in reads it , Jciaitia Arias Mont. confcie1. tia, JuniuJ) Nor the rich in thy bed-chamber, jBr a bird of the air foa/1 carry the voyce , and th,at •, . W~bich h.:zth wings fhall t~ll ihe matter, Ec;cle(. 16. . 20. Thit~e own confcience may be that bird. 2Kin.6.11 Etifhadid relate what was in agitationat the Ki~~of Syrias Councell-table, yea what pa~d in his Bed-chamber. ·Such an obferving WJC" nelfe bath everyonecontinually .with him,qo hegvod.)or evil. . . Conf~l·