Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

The officesofConfcience. 53 and in an illegible character from thy moutli Cap. 4" as fafi as thou fpeakeft , yea frona thy heart ..---... what thou contriveft; confciences writing,at preient is not legible ; as that which is written with the juyceof a Lemmon is not to be' ;pead by Day-light,but agairift the fire bynight you may read it; fo confciences writing will be read by firs light of difl:refs, or in that day when Heaven and earth are on fire, then !hall this bookbe opened, ·and the Cypherbe difcovered. Confcienc:eis the poorefr mans Hift"- .,ri()graphe~·, who hath noChtonicler to write his Story. Every mans Acts both firfi and Iaft are written in the Apocryp/ull Book ofconfcience: The !lnof Judah iJ writtenwith thepen cfiron, artd with the point of aDiamond ; it Is graven upoll'theTable oftheir heart, Jr:r•. 7• t . It is not the lot of every mean man to have '>his AB:s and memory perpetuated; it is the honour of Kings, and fometimcs of fome other more· eminen t perfons ; of Vavid it is iaid, _I Chro. · 29;29. Now the refr of the Acts ot David the Kingfirft <Jnd l~fis beh Id they are writtenhi the Boo~t{ Samuel the See,·, and in tbe bookof Nathan ~he Prophet, and iu the Boo~of Gad the Seer. Butof every J!1an of what[o ever.quali– ty, it maybe iaid, the reil: of his Acts though · they be not mentioned in the book of the ' Chronicles of the Kings, yet fir fr and laft they ar~all written in the book of the Chro..: nicles of confdence by Syneide{rJ the Seer,and · 'SynterejiJ' the Recorder. Now tod raw to a con- · duJ.1on, cQn[cience I faid was then a good' · E 3 L con- - ..