Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

52 The offices·,ofConfcience. , I .Cap. 4· to Pharaoh, aJ heinterpreted to us fo it :was; me , / ._ be reftered !nmine office, him be hanged : Jofoph ' is then fa1d tohang the one, and refiore the other, becaufe he foretold it fo, and it fell out ac'cordingly ; fo confcitnceis iaid to ab– fohe and condemn, becauie according to the ,f{ntcnce of. this lower Court and Judicatory Pk. of confcifnce, ufually is the laH fentence of ~.-~ r.3s. that highdt Court in Heaven. Ifmy confci3· . encc clear me, let my adverfarywrite a Book. Jfa. so. 8. and Libell againft me, I {hall wear it as a 1 sam . 2 .'2 ~ Crown; my witnefs is at ha,nd, and he is near · that ju(fijieth me : But it my con[cience Libell ~amquam againfi me, who fLdl Ap-1t~gzze for -me? If a / J;umA~'a fub m~ n fi n againfr another,the Judge !hall judge ~erfuc,i.:.lf'! them, but if a man be condemned byhim– . Jd~d:CTa, Jzt- felt~ who !ball be his Dayes-man ? I mayjlie lrt~m pro . J r: fi h. r~ J b priuonfc:i- rrzans;uagement }eat, or opt e JuageJ mo~lt : tnti£ fugere iut I cannot efcape the Bar, nor flop the mouth of r.:onva/eiJ. my ownconfoimce. Btrnard· , , "'- Prima eft b£c Hltin, quod Je Juven .S•t. J d' 1,r, I . l b • 1 ~· u tee nem9 nacenJ aiJ;IJ VJtur, mpr9 a quamvJJ C fc • .. Gratia f,;llacis PrtttoriJ vicerit Vrnam. on eten• , , ce-s repifie~ ' riall office. I might adde to thefe four named Officet of V b . . · confcicnce.a fifth,hisR~giflerialOffice;for con– zcunq, r. · · h R · n. d R' d f . ~ado , ronfci· iCitnce IS tl e g1~eat egwer, an . ecor er o enrta mea the world; It IS to every man h1s priv.:~te No– 'ne_ nr~ ck tary, or Se.cretary, keeping notes, or records fem fedpr~ of all his Afts, and Deeds. Hence it hathhis ~n;ad_(:iit!d' name Svnterefis givC'n'it. Confcience ·bath the 16.7 quuqra _;.; • ' • d faciorcribit · Penot a read) wnter,. and takes In thort han Bt rnard.; 1 and