Shepard - BT378 T4 S44 1660

98 !2!tfft. Anfw. Qf_tcft. A ,fw. The 'Parable of the He will mak! thee fit do/Vizto eat, andferve thee. The Lord Jefus himfelf iloall only rhen poure out eo thee and 11ive tbc:e whatever rho11 calleft for, honour thee as 1c were above himfelf. When thou arc ac reft in He<ven, he will be ar work for rhee. ' 7. Tf nor, he may come in an hour tho~t look!ft no! for him. Chr.ifl may fay to thee, from henceforth flccp on. · what M ums are therr t• ,.f<! me looJ0'or him? 1, l>et fome ·prmr..ife rhar rhou maill: beleeve rhe I.ord is chine, elfe rho u wiLt never look for him ; or if you do, you will be deceived, for /:ope is of things notfeen. t. ay, commonly when thel.ord brings any m~n to hishofeS, having given him a pro!nife, and Faith ro beleive ir, the lord in rhe mid-way feems ro crofs his promife. When rhe I.ord promiferh life, glory, reace, honour, joy, fulnefs, Heaven, they fhall rhen and never fo much before feel darknefs, death, lhan:e, t rouble, forro\V, Hell. For the I.ord rries rhem by rhis and tribulation breed; e>.-perience, and experier.ce hope. Hence you mull firH gee ~ promife of Chri(l and Glory, before you can hope for ir, or exfeCt Glory,~and rhen ) OU may, Heb.6.r8. Fort he promire will fupporr hofe, when hearr, and flrengrh and all fhall fail : Nay ir will 'exrett conrraries out of contraries, Gen. 22-5· J'le come ~tg~in fQ you. Compared with n,b.1l.I8,I9. So rhac foul tha t hJth a promife, may [ay when he confiders Gods power, and what Glory he gives ro G?d ~y beleeving ir, Go~ hath faid he will comfort me, he will cleanfe me. hew11l giVe me Glory, I Wlll have all rhefeour of my forrow, my fin, my Hell. Take heed therefore of rwo extreams. Firft, Of hoping wirhouc a promife, for that is but Fairh feared our of its wi cs, when ir comes to be examined ;' I hope fo, and I h~ve had joy and perfwa~ fionofir. . Secon~ly, Ofnot expeCting when Go_d gives a promife. Can you live one day Wtrhout 1t? Ir may be you have no feelmg yet: But Ifa. z 5.8 ,9,ro. Doll wait for rhe I.ord? i.e. From a fenfe of emprineffe, for all fulnelle rhou ihalt find ir in parr here, and fully rhen, and fay, Lo, thu ii •ur God, we have wttitedfor him ! \V hen a mans anchor is flrong, and in~oodl?round, he will look fo r fafery , when at anchor in the Harbour. Oh rhou attlieted, rotTedwirhrempelh, rhe Lo rd hach brought thee at lafl ro Chrifl, afrer many drivings ro and fro, a·nd io d afps about him according ro a promife ; if God changerh them rhy comfort may nor be. I f revebrions come, I know rhey may deceive, but a promife cannor. z. Fear rhe rerrour of rhe I.ord ar this da:t. fear parting from him : Ifpeak nor ofdvubcing, bur rhe holy fear of Saims, for rhac is the nature offear, ir makes a man eye the thing feared: As Jacob when Efauwas meetingof him. Noah hefears and looks to fafet,y inandbyan Arke, H(b.II•7• Lots children took not his counfet, they feared nor, bur he fmned M one that mocf<.!d to thtm. Paul 2 Cor.5.1o,n. kJew the terrourof th( Lord, hence looked for him, foughrto approve himfelf unro him. Men rhar fear nor parting withChrifl, will never look nor c~re for him. And let it be a flrona fear, elfe ir will never carry you above your c.1res and furferrings ofrheworld. " How fha/1 I fea-~ thH4l r. UnletTe the Lord pur it into your heart, none can; f-or rhe fecuriry of rbe world is nor fleepy, buc deadly : Men are bound up as flrong as wirh chains of dearb; that rill rhey feel rhe mifery, rhey cannot fear it flrongly. Oh look up ro rhe Lord ro unchain rhofe chains ofdeath. z. Know the happinetTe of rhem chat lhall ever be with Chrifl, what is t he fweernetTe ofChrifls love, and worrb of i~. · Imagine rhe lafl day eo:ne, and all rhe dead raifed, Chrill: wirb flaming fire, all rhe wicked on rhe \efcband, and rhen fent away with fkpart 7 ecwfed ; all the Saints on rhe right band, and then Oh