Shepard - BT378 T4 S44 1660

I ten Virgins Openr:dand Applied~ 99 Oh come! and when all is difpatched, then ro go up ro Heaven, and when oone there robe for ' ever re;oycing, triumphing in theprefenceofGod Almighty;' and now what it will be r<;>befar off from Chri~,weeping,neveno b~ : pttied tnore.Oh hedm was fofull ofptty, no heart rhen to ptty, no handro help_. I can bur only paint this fire. Oh tljat _the Lord would help you here, that fo you might lo:1k out for htm. Saylors !leep m calms, and fo !t may be have mat!Y here in rhis place of relt. Others of you take heed, Ile tell you your b2r, le may be moll: dhtes are brought low and funk; when you fee thar, now you either look back, or look for Lots accomodations, and fuch an elbre as is loll:, it may be you will !py fame hope of it, a1_1d then followth~game, and never look_out till /Oil die. The Lord keep you fro•n n! You then wtll not look up for ~hrdl:s com111g at the !all: day, or in his Ordinances here: If thou doll: fo, had tt not been betrerrhou h.1d!l: been buried iH the Se.1, or left in forrmvon rhe Shore ? Oh take heed therefore, look for the co:ning and company of Chri!l:, and let this beenouoh, and bec.mfe yoH cannot look for him in the the clouds now, Oh look and wai~for him in his Ordinances; and confider if efpoufed ones look forhiscom- 'ing then, and for perfect knowledge of him, ~n~ co:nmunion with him, .rhen think, Lord what a heart hJve I lo~knot for bun here! But Lord who.,.,dl Wliwe our report ? · Thus they went our by hope an~ expe0arion of his com~ng: ~ow the Second thing follows, they wenr forth with longmg de6res afrer hts commg. CHAP. XI. T!Jat 13elietrers 4o long and defire for ti:>e ap- . pearance and Second [oming of Chriff. SECT. T. THat all thofo that ne efpottfedto Chrift, Md beltJVdfl{ Chrift, 'tEeyought Do£!· 3· not on!; to loofv 6ut to !on~ for the coming of, and their evorla{ling communion with the Lord Chri(l JefU<. For the confummation of their marriage with l11m, dut though he be gone, our hems may be with him, before our fouls be, or before our fouls and bodies be ; tlm though we may die, and lie down in the duft, our defires may live and lie in Heaven, and cry come Lord. Now do not think this point true, and fo far good ifwe could reach it, bur this is t high pitch, for you muH long for it. God forbid a Chriftian efpoufed to Chrifi, 'Jhowld pleld rhar work roo much, which Hypocrite's, tht five fo•lifh Virgila· in .their kind attained to. See Prefidenrs for this it;~ all ages : Abrahtttn, and tnofe .in his rime, 1vho was Father of the FAithful, Heb.1 1,1 5,16. A better CoHntre;_, !where theymight havefellowff,ip with che Lord, and hence God is not afo~~med,&c. ,As if the Lord were alhamed of all rhem to be his people, that profeife themifelves fo, but defire nor this. In ChriWs rime, Sinmn, Luke z.i 9. with 2 5. !Where he waited for the mfolation of lfrael, &c. .to enjoy more of him. In the [Apofl!esrime, 'risalfothat which they all felt, zCor.5.2.Jn thiswegroanearinejUy, &c. Bur you wil-l fay, It may be this was becaufe of mi!eries, and want ' :ofOrdinances, &c. Therefore fee in the !all age of the Church, when the new : Jeru]alem was built, and when peace, and when ChriWs face was feen in his ' :Houfe, yetthentheSpiritandthe BridefaycotM, Rtv.2'l,I7• They are rhela!l: . o z breathinwi