Shepard - BT378 T4 S44 1660

ten Virgins Openedand Applied. · i i I~ PerfeU ;,. one, that they Dull have that Glory tb~ Father bath given to Chrill, }~hn 17.n. Oh get the Spirit ro. !hew thee the thmg what dm means, w~a~ tbts ts; elfe fornthing in the worl~ Wlll _make you loe>~ ~ack. There are falfe Spte> that Vllifie Gods Kingdom to hts Satms, Oh fay ns a good <?od, and c0unrrey,. and Chrift and Mercy, and love; let me go up 11nd pojfe!fe If, Oh getthe Lord to •. oive thee but one glimpfe of this ! · 0 Thus much of the firll verfe. CHAP. XII. Sbe'nJing that there are Hypocrites in the beft and purest Churches. V ,2 • .Andfive ofthem were r~~i[e, a11d five were foolijl:. SECT. I. FRom this Second ~er~e to the Fi~th rhere is fet down the difference appearing between tl>le Vugms, ~herem the Lord the fear~he! of beans, makes an open difcovery ·_of die parncul~r eilates of thefe Vtrgu~s, for all the beet . Churches efpectallymtakenon,eof, ro the fecond comtng of the LordJefus. This difference is fet down, I, Generally, in this fecond verfe. . ~ z, Particularly, in the 3d and 4'h verfes. I.Generally in this verfe. · I. That fome of themwere fincere and wife-hearoed to the number of five. . z. Others of them were foolif11 and falfe-hearred to rhe number of five more. So that the fumme is this, one half of them were indeed Virgins, another hi.11t were in appearance Virgins; the one p~rt wtre Virgins in rhe light of God, who faith they are wife; the other were fo m the Judgment of man, and hence called fooliih ones. In this general defcription therefore of them, we may note, Firft, Their defcription from the number c:.>f each fort, vi;z;,. five. Secondly, From their different qualities or qualifications, holy wifdom or prudence in the one, finful folly in the other. He doth nor fay five were holy and five prophane; five were friends to the Bride~room, five were r erfecurors of him, but five were wife and five were foolifh : Why the Virgins are defcribed by the number of ten, Ifpake before, either becaufe it was a perfeCt number, and fo lignifies the efhte of all Virgin-Churches ; or becaufe ir was rhe cufiom nor ro exceed the number of Ten , ro honour them ar their Marriage. Now why five of them were wife, and five fooliih, as though the one halfof rhem only were lincere, the other falfe, rhis feems ro carry rhe fa.ce of Truth ; bur I am fearful to rack & torment P~rable~,wherein I chieAy look unto rhe fcope,and chat is this, thu nor one or two but agreat parr of them were lincere, and a great parr of them . !~~~~· And hence rhe Obfervations out of tbefe words are thefe, omitting all rhe I, Thm r~~hen the Churches of Chrifl Jefm pro<Je Virgin-Churchel, and are moft Objerv.i • pure, yet even thm there will be fo~pe fecret H;pocriteJ that fhall minglt themfelves with them. Or, There will be anumber ofHypocrites, mingling themfehm with the purijl Chtmhes. . Q_ 1. z. That /