Shepard - BT378 T4 S44 1660

ten Virgins Opened and Appiied. SECT. IV. THis; ro cletr 1~s in this Country fro:n a foul arperlion is ~all ou[ of Ufe I. the moc~d.s of l'ulpm upon u>, rhat we hold the Chu:che> of Chnl1: to have no Hypo:mes 111 then. We anfwc ·,rhlt though if_ Hy~rire>eo'ul~ be ~(C•lly ;,nd bcdcliathcally (hf<crned, rhey fhould nor be rece1ved in, nor ke?t 1ri, bccauf~ :mJitcr-fit 'ro rui •'e :t Church ~re noc fit t'l m.tke a Church-: yet we, !JY there will ibe Tares and Whe>t,rherewtll be ch.df_and corn, rhe~e IVtll be w1fe arid foolit{1 'Virgins, rbcre will be good and bld mm:;led rogerher tn r?e Churche; .until the ·world> end. . , , ... ' To rhe Warch-;ncn of the Churche>: n.ty to all pr_dfelfe themreJve> r9 be. Ufe z• . • their Brethrem kee;ers ;_to all thtr are Vt rgms, not ~o Iavilh your OfAdvtce. 'clrariry roo far, it's a prec1o~> Grac~, and you havelrtrle en?egh _f-:Jr rh_e!n th.t_t are fincere, hue ro be1r ~ Je.tl_ous, heart, and to hbour for a q~tck dtrcermng eye eo 'find out rhc~1 rh.Hwtll mmg·c rhemrelvc; amo·tg yo~. Thts 1vas the commendl~ ·rion and honour ofthe Epbefans, Rev. z. z. I con~etle i( s a linful ·to}:_ry d~1vn all rhe Vi-(glm as foohih, when th~ rc be Five wife. ~ .tpn wtll feeLr~ .bre1k be·b0nd of Brorherly-lo1'e by fo s tRg f~lfe . reports'· and hvaibfe fufpiti- ', ons; and 'ris a hml thin~ for a Paul afcerrhe Lord· h1th W:r.tpc him· up· ro the 'Third Hcwen it't Rel'e:arions, not ~o be puft up, a~q in feeing hi:nre:r at a ;d~­ IHance fro-u or her mc11, not to derp,re and conde!nn them thlt hJve nor rifen· fo :high ls he, ·erpeci 1lly in adircontented fpiiit mchin!'; wil_l ple1~e che:n•.. A {atfe 1 r 1emwi:Jen hdecs tT:ore rhm others ~s hetil'nks,now thmks htghly ofhtmfelf as Jo:negre1t reformer ofCbmches and\vorld,erpeci~lly ifrr;en ,of:lh~llo•'<; lieads;~~d l ~nee fucl:r do cenfure a,nd conde:nn ~11 t~~t ~o nor mJg?'.lie the':J, .and rcv"r~pce their Judgcrr.enrs;and. the du't ?~ r?ett f'eet• . AMY,:e!. ns another _finful.excre1m to fwallq1vdow.~. a:ll fhes th:t b~ 111 the cup; aRd ~~n:ht"k . coo ~h1~1tably'of .ev,ery ,one that dothvrpfeffe. Cht!d;en t~1 r .have no ~h1!dren them!el~es , wit~ ma}le ,children· of cbuts, ~ndthen . ove .rhen; and hence •nany a fo11U1es ble ~ ,-J. n<> -to ;death becaure they, hwe fuch tenderFrie<1ds' as wil_l not fearch i:liil.n. An 1 I d~ubt nq'r but man )'-in Hell !nay fay , Oh .that I !hould hve among. fuch-.and filch ~ and they-riever ,wirh me; ~ • . .' Ill ·• " • .. • ~1-, . • Jfa.manw~rllz.[atrly,(1Msld.lce'n[ur:~hzm? .. , , ).,..-, . . 0Pfe~; 1 No; buc· yet:'rriairtt~in a,holy' Je~!~fie ewer t~em,a~ Paul dia O:v~rtbe G~latbi.fliu: Anfw. 'Phis !hnd~wirh 'love, as lr W15'1Vtrh Joh eh. I· '5.1\.s 'ris with Chimrgio!]s,~ci~love · to cut to the auick. Love the:n becaufe they appear eo be Chri!ts and are foro i thee, and thi~ /hall have a rcw~rd ; but yet be jealous in love , beZaure rlle:e may be char hid which was never yet feen. r. It may be thou mai!l rave a foul, and they will love thee; orelfethou !halt 1 clear jufiice by bein.. awi.meffe againfi the'll. · z.. 'Tisthe chief~ork for Chrit1: her~, there being no prop bane ones amono u5 ro Ol'erthrow the kingdo:n of hypocrilie, as well as of civility and proph~ne~ nelfe. 3. You :vill rave ~he Lord ~purgin& andcleanlin_g time, for when Chrilt pur· gech nor wuh the 1-lolyGho(i m hts Slmts and Ordmances, .be will with fire. Here I might give rule; for difcerning mens fpirits, as ' .r; f.itf/',. Mark th~ir r!'eec~, for hy thy wo;r:& ~ho• fh•rlt he jHjlified, and many nmes one word Will gtvea ltgbrrofee all,as m SzmgnMt~gus: as with men in a la· byrimh found our by 0ne thread. • Secondly, Mnk the!11 rh•ryou fee notgraplingwith Sin and Temptation, for if :ve re~ th~m withou_r that1they are n?t yer tryed, therefore ~ferve them here, here 1s thetr rn~l, wherrnme ofTempratlolfcom€s. • Thirdly, Get rhy felf to!land at adiHance from fmful men,fromall the world; We •.