Shepard - BT378 T4 S44 1660

~~-~:_~ 1 -----7-'iJe 'P a-; able-~/ a;ew. l(pow we are of God, r John 5. I 9· As men th,lt ate l!' rhc w.l' c, lo::>k onlv ro rhcmielves , but !hndmg f<fe on fhore, they fee orhers drowmng: I lfeak 'rhi, bec,Jufe I te,tr the Churchl!s are fo buile a r (j)U[ dJClr own thll1gs, th.l r their i\"atch is Mt kept : if they fee no groffc lin then' all iswell. (tfe 3 , Hence be not offended, if you fee. great Cedars £.111, tbrs fall from Heaven, great P.rofe!lors die and decay: 1. Do not think be all fuch. 2. Do nor think the ElecHhall fall. Truly fon:e are fuch, tlm 1\l~en they f•JI, one would fhink a man crulyfanC\ified might fall away,as the.Arminiam th ink, 1 John 2, 19. 'll:ey were not of HI; I fpeak this becaule the Lord is tnaking,a>ld !look for greJt ,Afoftacies towards, fer Cod is crying all his Friends through Rll the chrillian 'world : in Gtrmtm; what profefiionwas tl:ere? who would have th01·ght it? The . ; .. , ,Lord who celighrs to ~nanifell rhat Ofenly.which was hid ~ecr~rly, fends a fn·ord, · and they fall ; others m other plares relel\·.e rhc Word wnh JOY, the Lord fends Perf<!curion,atid fearing n:cnmore th~n rtefilrh off:n? ~nd anger ofChriH:, they f~ll : others ttand ir out there, and fdler ~nd l'enture h1ther, and lfadar-hke fee i'eH is good,aml crouch uncer their burcens, and fo they fal.l. Others have had fweetneffe in Ordinances, the Lord deparrs, and fo ttey fall. Orhers have corftipt hearts , and received the rruth in rhe form, not in love , and flood in defe1xe ofrhe truth, nor love of the truth, the Lord lets err0ur loofe,and they fall. Well, never be offended at this , I am nor., bec.JUfe I n~ver kn~w man fall but he loved fome'luft,and was never broken frotn fin, and although this is not feen 1·vl:en they do f~ll, it offends' not me. . brr therefore 1earch your own hearts: when Chrifi faid ro the Difciplesone fhzll Ufo 4• hefraj me: Lord is it 1 ? fay they: fo wf.en not one , buL many , Lord is it I? Ob tnany a chrifiian lies f~t ail. eep , never to a thorow fearch, a firiC\: \Vatch. Do but connper this : x·. Thatin Ch11rches, nay yur~ft Churches many may4yehid not difcerned. z, Thou.rnaiflbeone. 3• lfthQu beell, tharof all .men living none /hall fo deeply- fin\< in Hell. 4- That all9rdinances fiull .tend to.this end, and fill ci)yjoyes, all thy affiicuons: and cherefore Oh fearch before the L6rd fearch, and fay, lord, as no mans punifbmems and pl~gues can be like mine, tior fins; it I'Eerith,fo i( pardoned, loved, never any ihall havcfuch caufe ro · bleffe thee!and therefore take nor up with weak _and groundleffehopes,budove that hand that fmites and wounds thee , for this difcovery is to awaken thee: but you have fo ml1ch bufineffi:. you will nor, cannot,&". Confider what a fearful rhil)g 'tis to be hu,ng up as for • gazing-1l~ ro.Saints; everlafling rerror to the damned themfelves. · ., ! , .. J '1: : \, () ·. .. ,\ ' I 1 r. 1. ; : ~ .. ~" t ,i ! (;:HAP.