Shepard - BT378 T4 S44 1660

J2.t 'fheParable ofthe of James and J•hn are antidotes again[t this kind of poyfon,and I look on chem as bmps hung up eo difcover there men , not but that chefe men are indeed under a covetum ofWorks , for there bcbut cwo forts of men , and cwo ends of all men bence but Two Covenants; hence rhofe chat are nor indeed under Grace, are un~ der the Law, and under the Curfe; but becaufe the mo[t fubcil hypocrites ap;elr or fec:m to be undctr Grace, and their exu:rnol oremions are chief!y Evangelio;.11, hence I call them Evangelical Hypocrites. , SECT. H. IN regard of che power of the WordandGofpel of life and fpirit in fuch Chur- I ches: For theGo(pel where it comes ,as it advancech the glorious and everlafling righteoufnelfe of Chrill, fo it knocks under-foot all mans , as amea'i1S fubferviem · ro thlt end, and it with power and light , it would be coo grolfe for :Hy- . pocriresro maintain life oy Works: hence ChriH is that which they look unco;for 1 Chrifl when he preached, not only many htlie-ved. becau{e of hu Miracles, bur 1 when thtJ hud. hu Wbrd, J~hn8. 30. Mat.q. In the Parable of the Sower,the i Word came wich much power, that they received ic with Joy, and did belio:ve,but l fell by their Lufls. And look as 'cis with cheSun, there com. e; light and heacrvich I it, fo therecom(ts . · I, · Truth to chen'lind, and conquers the judge:nents of Hypocrites, thlt t~ere is no life, good, righteoufnelfe, buc in Cbri{t, nor falvacion buc by Chrifl. ' z. Thc;re comes ~ome goodnelfe of the Gofpel to the hem , chn men hearing and feeing SalvaLion wrapt I!P there, o'h chat is f weet and good ! and hence their affections and hearts are in fome mea~ure conquered by rne power Qf the over- ' dazeling truth , and .hence Hypocrites being thus conquered, partly being of this opinion, partly ratting fome good of it, deGre irouc offelf-love, expect 1tsurof fclf~elu!ion,and profe{fe chemfelves Virgins out of chefe Principles. Iq reg~rd of the power of Evangelical examples in che five wife Virgins: f~r loo~;~s 'cis with livin~ men whell the!un lhines upon cheir he~ds, they call: rhe~r lhldows chat follow them ; fo when che Lord Jefus ihines upon the fouls of h1s ownpeople , almofl every honeH iincere-heartedman will cafl his lhacow chat will be like him; hence Hypocrites in chofeChurches which are commonly r;~ther led by example ehan by rule, will be very like .them , and imitate them : if they lhouldnoc,whac communion,coul" they havewich ch~m, or what love could rhey receive from them? (or there is a mighty power in eminent examph1s t(1 oyer-l bear Hypocrites, that if they wjll cum chemfelves into any form, they mw!l: IntO th~rs , as in J•11fh : for the~e are two ch!ng~ in the carriage of the Saints_. . I: There is a condemmng pow<;r m 1t ; hence men fear to hve unhke them. ' 2. Thereisawinning,~rcueinit, an actracnve vercue; hence men endeavour robe and live like diem, eo be of the fame mioo, che fame !Jem with cbem: and hence others take them , and they take rnemfelvt;s to be f)ncere, and hence they are Evangelical Gofpel Hypocrites that lye hid in thefe Churches: Hence Zach. 'il. 23. Many fh~tll t4~ hold •f 11 Jews.skirt (I doubt not but fome falfe • ones,)~te hMM heard G•d is with JD11, Andas Chri(hvhen lifted upandrifen,fo S;~,nts draw Hypoqites to them. . , BecaufetJie Gofpel brings the greitefl and r,v~ce!l: t;onfolarions with it. H~~e a ma_n.und~r thecerrour ofrhe Law, and fence of curfe for hi~ !in, will m~liehis hft refuge, ~nd l!ide himfelf ul)der the wing of.che Gofpel, no: fo ~uch Ol,lt oflO'i'e eo Chrtll, orGofpel, but ~aufe they ferve h1s turn ; an<! g1ve bun eafe. Like men fcorched with heat, and almo!l: ready to die, the lhadow of a Tree is ,now very comfonable, a-nd therefore ther-e they lie; fo cbefe: Oras men with fcalded arms,