Shepard - BT378 T4 S44 1660

ten Vir,rr,ins Opened and AP,plied. arms theyputthem imo war~r, wh1ch givenhem cafe, no cure; but becaufe. it give; rhcm c.1fe, rhere they keep rhem, fo here: Men ?ave been fcalded Wl~h wrath, Oh now Gofpel1s very fweer, a1:d fo are e3fe~ lv lt, never cu!ed by u. Therefore hcr'iyou !liall find rhem difcla1m all'Works, and cry up Grace only; whe:e the pure!t Chu;che.; arc, rhere are ufually gre,u awakening< , there God is very ne.u men, and made malt m~mf7H ro mens confnence\ and there are moft ioul-plagues, comcmpt of the Spmt of Grace , and hence mo.J dreJd~ul torments ofconfcience, and fc.1;fu l lookings br of J~dge_rnenr. Now I:ence lt co~es ro ralf<= when C!Jrilt is ofrered,and general_n0rtCe gll'en to _mC-!15 mmds, rhar yet there is hope and mercy for greJt finners , th1s fills them With JOY and peace, as Johns h<=Jrers, John 5. 35. and hence they beleeve a~ the ll:ony ground th.It had J.Ome plowino, and hence rccei,·ed rhe Word with joy and believed, P{alm 66. 3· It's a Prophcry of the King<lom of Ch rilt, Amichrift he rormemd the confciences Gf men, Rev.9. Men h.we no pc.Ke within or without. Lutber is raifed up, and prc.1che:h rhc Doet~in~ of Free Gm~, which a w?rld ofrr.en l?okingt.o theireafc, [ others in truth recCII'e lt ; for fome ume before h1s death he cnes to God that he may not live ro fee the ruines th.trwcre <'omingon Germany for rhcir contempt. Tbe iaw i; d1e Min~thy of De1th , the Gofi?Cl praiJOunds great privilcdges, 1vith much more fwecrne.tle ro !inners, and hence lmher men fly. . 4· Bec;mfe the Gofpd yields the faire[l: Colours for a mans iloath, and lhona1 ell props for tlm. Hence you f11all fee them walking in rhis garden. Fo: r.~e Rraf 4· lafl fin God' conquers in a man is his iloarb. When the fwine have no fwill ro car, yet you flull tind rhem in the mire of iloath ; this jlt~irs t~e fooli(h. Hence the bell: Hypocrircwill plead the Gofpel, its troublefom ro the-tlelb, ro bear a daily fenfc of the ~ns and wams of the foul. Hence you flull have CapernaHm receive Chrill:, and wonder at his Doctrine; a~d yet ChriH upbraids them, they r~wlnot, Mat.I 1.20. Its rroublefom, nay unpoffible for a man to break his diaines and geF his foul 'toofed from his lu!l:s, and free for the Lord. The Gofpcl tRews all.fulnefs in Cbrilt,& rhat he mufl do all,a iloathful falfe heart rher :t 're doferh with ChriHa> the end,but negleCts him in the means. Why? Cbriit muH do all, fay rhey, and hence if ChriH do drop upon their hearts, well and good, if nor, 'ris Cbrill:s faulr, he is a hard Mafler th2t gathers where he did notfow, and hence wrap it up. A mans falfe bem is wcuy of the yoke of Chri!t, and hence would fai1o1 be e•fcd of it. Now the Gofpel promifeth liberty from the bondage and curfe ofrhe Law, and a ilo1thful heutcan find out rcJfons to free himfelf fto:n the Ruleofit, as parr of Chri!tian ~ ib,erty, this is our L_ihmy inChrift Je[~«, 2 Pa.2.19. And they re)oyce exceedmgly that the LawHdead, asrheydid, Rev.IY ,ro. forrbe delth of the wirne!fes, becaufe they tormented them : I fay ag3in, they rejoycc not becaufe the Lord makes them like himfelf, and becau!eof his Image rcll:or.:d by the Gofpel, and beca11fe they feel the power ofir, b~ beca\1fe they arc free from th~ po~·er ofir. Its an old deceit, yet fubril, to tC)oyce, ai1d love, and b!e!fe Chnll:; oecaufc he \'(Ill pardon fin, though I lie aud live in rhe:n. Or if they do not free themfelves from ir, the Gofpel !hews rhe L1wwithinclofingwirh the La1v without, tobeanevidence the Lord will not impure it, and that 'cis not therefore tb~y, but linin them. Hence a iloachful hem will continue in his !bath, and to cafe himfelf of trouble for li.n and obedi" enre too, fay, 'ris not he, but lin. And hence Armini111 makes a ll:ranaeinrerpretation of Rom.7. BecaufG-he faw German Profe!fours pleld that for tbe~felves. The I fraeliw emred B.)t into, unbelief caufed it: Andwhy did thadhut rhc:nout? Oh thcre\Vl!re waUed Towns and difficulties, and this was rhelall: l'hock, and hence they fell off; fo 'ris i~ Hypocrites now. The fafell: place to lie afleep is in Chrifts lap. . . 5. Fr?n the mighty cynninf! ofSatan, the ll:rength ofwhofe Kingdom is made Re11J. 5• andcommued by peace, LuJ:! II.4t. Hence hovillturn himfelf into an Angel R::t