Shepard - BT378 T4 S44 1660

~~ 130 1 ~he 'Parable of the --- Covenant of Grace , and no Word but Chrifl. . Secondly, Under a·ibew of advancing Gods Grace in doing all , to fay the Ordmances are not means , bur only occaflons ofconverfion. · Thirdly , under a 11<cw of giving all to Grace, to abolilh rl1.1t plain rrmh, as ro fay we arc: not ju!lificd by Faith, which though it be true, nor re.llly, i.e. mt fimply, by Faith in it felf con!idered as awork, yet to fay [not relatively, as the Lord is apprehended by it]it ~s.falfc:. Ifwecait off the power of the tr;1rh, y.:r . let us oot caft off the form ofIt: keep the form of w holfome words as well as truths. Fourthly, Takeheedofmaintaining that a m~n t:nril fealcd is not robe perfwaded w beleeve, under a!hew of letting the-spirit of Crace do all. And Brethren, cloth not the Spirit of Grace accompany the word ofGrace; are not Evangelical commands parr of that Wordr is there not a power going along with the:n? what is this but ro take trom Gods Book, and he that fo cloth, God will blot him out oftheBookof Life, Rev. 2.2. 19. Fifthly, That a Chrifliah is to gather no a!furance from particular conditional Promifes nndcr colour of receiving all from Chriit and Grace. True, them that have nothing ro do with them,ough~; not; but for tbofe rh at have to do with them as their Inheritance, n~t ro apply and make ufe of them for rheiriomfort , 'tis to trample under-foot Chn(ls blood that bath purchafed them for that end, and 'cis to rafe out in our praetif<: tbegrea1eft parr almoll: ofthe Covenant of Grace. Sixthly,That the L~w ought not robe our rule of life under a!hewofbcina freed from ir by Chriit , as though Chriit came to fee · Hell-gates open for men "ro do what they pleafe. Shall I fay any more? I am weary wich fpeaking , I defire rather to go alide af.ld mourn, and to think there is fomewhat ami(fe why the Lord lets rhcfe O\lt. You thac are fincere, fearch and keepdofe with Chrill, and fetch more life from him, and though accounted under aCO\'enanr of Works with men, yet rejoyce,you know it is bem:r with you in his fighp. And you that are weak, beware and rake heed, and do .nor conli.der what I, but the Holy Ghoit hath.c!eared this day : and as (or a~l them that do mrn ~race into Lafcivioufneffe,noc ~ncenrionally, but praC!ically,not in all things, bur fome thin~s: confider this Scripcure, J ude 4· Men ordaintd to this Cflnd~mnation ; 1hey thnve and have no hurt, and they joy, Oh but they have con~emnanon enough.upon rhem. ~ ~ut confider ver. I z, I 3. Twice dead, dead m AJ~~m, t~en qutckened by Chnfl With common Gifts and,Graces, rhen dye and turn Grace mro wanronne!fe , for Whom is refervcd the very blackJ~e!fe of darknelfe for ever. They bring in painted prophanenc!fe. Ufe..5. Oh<ake heed then, leG you fall!hort Qf Chriit by unbelief, Heb. 4· I. ChriH muit do all; Oh but rake heed, ufe meanes, and rhen pur the work in re~ his hands to make Faith right,Heb. Iz. I,z. Lookjng t• Jefm the..Auth•rtmd finifher. Suppofe ChriR was here on earth, and thou lhouldil beg it, would he deny thee ? Oh no, be~ hard therefore now. >. CHAP.