Shepard - BT378 T4 S44 1660

lp ten Virgins Opened and Applied~ .. - .. ~·---- ciiA?. xtv. Sherving that there iJ a -vafl dif/erence, betwi~t afincere [hriftian; and the clofeft Hypo_; crite. --------------~--~--------~·~-- ~-- --~·~---~ SECT. I. THat ther~ u a tJaft andgreat intt~nal difference hetwee'! thofe ~~lll_ ar~ ftn~re indeed, and the clofcjt Hypomm. Or, There .ere cm am quali]lciirzonJ within, .and operatio11s ofG•d up?n the Soklt ofthe f~irhfut; which milk! aver7 great dijferena beqveen them ,and the clo[tjf Hypoi:nteJ. . For the Lord Jefushere fees the difference, and fue\Vs the diffete]lce, _ih_ough ' but oe nerally I confcffe in this Verfe; fome .were wife, others were f•olijh ; wifdom . andlolly arc ditferent qualitie>_, -~nd though thefe _ket:p t~c:ir refide~cc: cpiefly in the mind, yet rhe Lord never d1d mfufe any true \VIfdorn mto the mmd, but there was agreat chanoeof the heart, .nor never was any mah left u11co his own folly, bur it did not only argue an evil hem, but did ever arife from thence, Ephef. 4· xS. fo that Chri!t. not only fe<!s, but difcovers to the Churches ava(t differenc~ for them ro cake notice of: I confeffe rhe difference was [10t only ia regard ()f open prophaneneffe, or c?mmon·c.onverfa:ion inli~lng!ik~ men of the world, yet .a difference here there IS. For the opemng of this Pomr , I {hall open thefe Parnculars. x, That the Lord doth make this inward difference. 2. That 'tis fo great dm the faithful do fee ir. 3. That·' tis fo great char others cannov receive it when 'tis olfered. 4· 'J:.'1at 'tis fo great that rh.ey cannot undertland it. 5. The reafons why the Lord make> this internal difference. ,. J. Tha~ the Lord dorh make it: only fome Scriptures now, Eph. 5· 8. You,m darl0cJJe;noware t;ght. Ephef. 2. 1. You weredead,mlfl are ali11e. Ir's trut!there : isa life Hypocrites have,\vhich puts much difference between rhem and others,but it rhai. doth, what doth.the life of Chrifi in a man, arifing from the death of every fin? AfJ1 26. 18, The Lord turns nor only from dttrlz.nej{e to light, bur .from the power of Satan to God, cogether with which arifeth rdiiffion of fins. What is , rhis then bur agreater change than from H~ll to Heaven ? Is it not worfe than Hell robe under his, not only Temptations, bur power? and is it nor better robe with God, than be in Heaven ? II. 'Tis fo great char the faithful do feeir. I confeiTe at fitflworkit's lil<e aconfuf~d Chaos, they know nor what eo make of it , but afcerwuds they can and do, 1 'J•hn ~· 18, 19. We know we are 6ornofGod, free from the dominion of fin, of which he fpeaks, and chat .the whole wdrld lies in wickedneffe. Befo~e aman is born again, he fees no ditference between him and other men, but now he d6th ; and hence 'tis frequent in Scripture for Saints ro expreffe their experience'oftheir dovble efhre, Tit. 3. z, 3. and they are commanded re$ try rhemfelves, and may not only fee ChriH out ofrhem., bur Chrillin them, except rheybe Reprobates, 2 Cor. q. 5•.and hence commanded to'give rhanksfor'this, Cq/. r. I'i,-q . which commands being Ev;mgelical,liave a power to all rhe Elect. · s 2 ,_ •. _ _ ~II. :!is