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Ret~f.z. The 'Parable of the III. 'Tis fo great ch~cochers cannot receive it when 'tis offered, they are fofu ffom liaving it in them, or counterfeiting, or making cbis inward work, char they cannorreceive it, no not when the: Spirit iddf comes to work it, J ohn I+ I]. Tl:e Spirit of trurh which the 'world tannor 'rtaiM , it dorh receive Propherical Gifts, and common Graces ; but there is a higher and more Divine work which chey cannot receiv~, Rom. 8, 7· ''Tu not fubjefl, _IM c1111 be fubj6U to rh~ of ,Go4, )V here the holmeffe ofGod appears. . · · fV. 'Tisfogreattharrheycannot underllandit what it is fpirirually,onlyin fancy, I Cor. 2, 14. neither can he ~ow them, and hence men lie groping alf'tbeir life for Grace, and ask and have not, becaufe they know nor the thing they 1\'ould have, fohn 4· IO. If thou k!feweft th•u wouldfl ;uk_., omd he would give. A Beafi cannot conceive what a life a man le.1ds. . V. Now follow t_he Reafons why che Lord doth.make this internal ditference, or !hewing rhat there is this difference. ! SECT. II. IN regard of the infinite love of the 'Far her which be be.m ro the meanell Be- . leever above the moH glorious Hypocri te that C:ver lived. It's an everlaHin" love, and it's like thit love he b•ws cowards his own Son, John 17. 26. Now if the Lords love be not common eo both, neither is the work , or fruits of his love commohin both, butQ great difference there mull be; foras•cis with men, fa 'tis with th~ Lord. There are three exprellions of love. 1 . Their looks. 2, Their Proffiifes of Love. 3. Their w0rks of lOve : fa the Lord doth, I. Create in his people glorious apprehenlions of his ble!fed face appearing in the glaiR: oftheGofpel, Rev. 22,4. 2, TheLord makes many Promifes of love unto his people, which go to the very heart to chear them, Hof. z. 14. 3· The Lord confines not his love eo Icx:ks and !vor?s, though it's wonderful to naverbe leafl of them, but you may read hts love m hts works of love. Now thofe \vorks peculiar to chem,are firll and chiefly the donation of Chri!l:, for aman in redemption , tu a man ih Vocation : and then the peculiar fruits of this love expreft in peculiar operations upon the Soul, and in rhe Soul, ivhich Gods truth in the New Covenant promife<h, and Gods faitbfulne!feexecurerh, Jer. 31. 3 3· & 3"·40· to take away the flony heart, to write Laws in the heart, to put into the he11rt ; rhefe are the peculiar eifecls of this New Covenant, and they are operations ·in a man, which only the EleC\: feel and wonder at Grace for, Ephef. z. 4, 5. According t• hi& great l'ovehathhe quic~ned m tqgetherw;thhim: there is akind of RefurreC\:ion of a mans foul when 'tis brouohc home to Chrifl. And look as the bodies of the Saints !hall be different at laff day, fo when God raifeth cheirfouls from the Dead !!ere, there is adifference now. 2. In regard ofthe Death and Blood of the Lord Jefus, which was ihed not only that he might be a God unto them, butthat they might be a peculiAr people unto him, Tit. z. ·14. He gave himfelf f~r his people, not only to ju!lifie liis people, butalfo rp cleanfe his Church, Ephef. 5• z6, 27. for this hatb been Gods ?rear plot: fidt to FerfeC\: his people in their Head; and then !ell there lhould be a golden head, and feet and hands ofiwn and clay, and becaufe the Church is not found lovely,therefote the Lord makes it lovely by \irde & little here,unril it appear without fpot or wrink_.le at the !all day. Do you think Brethren that Chrills Blood was l'hed to work Iilo more iit his people than in Hypocrites ? 1vas it only ihed to take away guilt of fin from Gods fignt, and then tQ let aman 1\rallo'W in the fins of his own qeatt? •Tis true there is a war~ of Sanctification whieh Hypocrites have, which Chrills Blood purchaferh, for I beleeve all common m~rcy and patiehce • comes