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140 1 . T'heParable ofthe -----------------------~----------~-1 1 t cond place clears Gods lo~c, I difpu•e 1;o·, becaufe 'cis doubrful ; ye: be furc .you find our 1he dtfference, vt~. fame v\·orK m yott, t:hat no Hypocmc tmder Heal Yen bath : Elfe what pelCc can you haYe ? I •. Hereby you come to pre.ven: rh: 'ihongefl: delulion that harh ro keep me_n m bondage_ 10 htmi'elf,, vt~· ~o gnte men peace, and fomu •nes grelc I!lhmem, whtle they arc m their hn<, tlm fo ~e may har.den d·.e!!l rhere Jhll, 1 Luk! I 1,21. Now by takmg rhts courfe, andgomg to Chnfl:ro tmrierhe knors 1 o! SarJn, you do no:v underm~ne dle !filin plorof Sata,;t, you brc1k his, ha- ·vmg recourfe to Cbnil: to do rlllS. Hts pohcy ts, Lee your hem alone, let Chrilt :~~:. wirh ~hat. But now you may be fure all ,-our confolation is of d:e right z. Otherwife you 9uench the Sp~rir, an~ reli!t t:he reltimo~y of t:he Spirir, ar lean one great part oftr. For rhe Spmr when tt dorh come to wtmelfe Gods Io,·e il anfwers all tf.e doubrs and objetlions of the foul rhar it had before. Now rh~ ' great doubt of Gods people is nor only, Am I elecred, am I ju!lified ~ndaccepreJ? But am I called, am I fanC!ified, are not my defire;, my Faith , my love counterfeit? which I may have, and yer go to Hell ? Now rhe Spirit when it l <~mes, clears up all doubts, nor fully, bur gradually, for 'ris rhe mo!t clearing Wttnelfo, and therefore, John 14.18,1 9,zo. At that da7 you fhall k_now that 1 Am in you, 1111d you in me, ;md 1 in the F~tther....-- TheSpirit dorn noronly fay ChriH is ouu of you, irt Heaven, preparing and interceding, but in you, fanctifying, preparing thee for Glory, that an a vetfelofGlory; andyou in mt by Fairb, by Love, defire, &f. Now whenamgn ihaltfay, I looktonowork, bmonly for the Spiric to rC\1eal the Lords Lme ; in feeming ro defire the Spirit, he dorh refill the Spirit ofGod. . · 3. Otherwife you !hall be deprived ofall that abundant confolarion which rhe Word holds our before you. For fuppofe you fay, · I look aor to rhe work ofGod in me, to receive any confolatien from rhar, or any promife made to rhat. I look only to the revelation of rhe Spirit. Anf.1. There is never apromife bur the Comforter is in it, and they are given for that end, ro giYe !lrong confolatio'n, now if you look to no work, nor no conditional promife, nor ro find the condition in you (which yer Chrill mull and dothwork) Lord! whatabuhdance-offweer peace do you lofe? Rev.7.17. The Lamb leads them to rhe living Fountain of la'llters, tmd Ood wipes awa7, ;t/l tears : And for ough~ I know you !hall die for thitll char refufe to do it. Ohjlowofheart tok- , lieve all that the-Scriptum h~tve writ ! all t:har God hat:h fpoken! Ought you aor rhus to be comforted ? But 2. if you look to a Spirit without awork, ~~hi! eH you· do feek confolati~tt~ frolh rhe Spirir, you callnor avoid rte conderrtnmon.o( rbe Word. You fay the Spirit bath fpoken fC~ce eo you. But do you love Chrl!t ? I look not to thar, bur rotheSpirir. Whyrhe Wordfaith, Hethllt Mm not him, lethimbeAtatkef1111. So, Is the Lea~ue between your fins and your fouls broken? .dnf. I look nor ro thar. Why ;ohn faith, Hohdt committeth fin iufthe Devil, 1 'juhn 3.8,9. Are you_new creatures? I!ook not to thotr. Why the Word faith, ltnleffi youkborn 11g-ain , JOUci/JtiiOt enter intnhe Kingdom ofGod. And.~he Lord knows, but on your death-beds, thtts Satln may alfaulc you, and then Wtll rbe Lord fay, nay, lookro your felf. TheWord !hall be Belfh~sterrolfr. Conf!dcr, Z:f.rf.3z.x,z. 4· Look ro it, elfe you !hall be depn-wd of further map~feHattotl and communion wich the Lord ]efu5. The Lord r~eals not all of.htmfe_lfat on,e, the d~y oowns before rbe Sun rif'eth -ll!ttl th~re !Sa (Cirth~r m.antfe!lauon of the Lordm this life to his people, not for,' ~ut -when they_in?eed maintain fuc~ works_bofore · him,Johi\I4.2I.lwi/l m.rniftftmJfllftmtoh•m· How? OhfauhChnfi, Ilt mne and f"P with ht'm. Nevetthihl<the Lord will diihono~r. himfelf fo f~ as to 1 comeinroalilrhyheart. Sindorldtnd.,.ill grieveGods Spmc, thathewlllonly , ~ru~ ~----------------·----------~--------------~--------~ '