Shepard - BT378 T4 S44 1660

ten Virgins Opened and Applied. delpife his Priefthood and Blood then. po youlod< ~or Chrilt to do work fo: yp~, and you nor w do Chrilts work, and bnng forth frU!t eo bun? You defptfe hts Honour rhen Joh,. I 5.8 . If I IYere w difcover a Hypocrite, or afalfebem, rhis I would fay, 're is he rlm fl1all fee u~ Chri~, bur loith his work. T6have ChriH, is fweer, as Capernaum, ro_follow Chqfl, ~~ ~le,wy, Johni4.2I,23 . ' . •.. 4· Bur if I 'have rhe wrmelfe of the Spmr, what need I have any<Orlier dtffe- ,., I ' rence. . - ( ~I 0Gje8:.~ .• I. The witnelfe of the Sritir-makes 110t the firH difference. For firfl a n:-~n Anf.w. is aBeliever and in Chrifl, '<lnd julhfied, called, l:mC!:ified, before- theSpmt dorh" tcneffe 1r ; elfe rh~ Spuit i11ould wirnelfe to an untruth and a lie. For tUlbelielers are under 11 rarh. 2. If rhe Spirit dorh nor wirnelfe this peculilr work to be in you, and clear ic eo you, rell me how you ca~1 efclpe. rhe an$uilh of Confcie~ce and rhe rerrours· ·of Hell in your hearcs, unlefle Conference be feared and blinded ? When the ·Lord i11all fer Confcience to ask and fay, I chufe none but whom I call, I call none bu r whom I juflifie, I juflifie none bur whom I fancrifie, and char.not wirb a common, bur a peculiar work; Is ir fo with you? If it be dark or doubtful, , can you bur chink <.11 your joyes luve been dreams, and your wirnelfe delufions? Therefore lo0k umo this. · 5· Bur if I l11ould do rhis, I Jhould look to find fome cl~annelfe in Objeel• 5; my felf, whereas I am eo fee i1orhing bur ungodlinelfe: Goats are clean creatures. ' I. Wren you&and before Chtifls judgment-feat to receive pardon; you are Av[~. here to look upon all as unclean, atid your felves ungodly. · z. When you co!Ue to lookupon your Sanctification, you are to fee ir as 'tis, mixr with fin and corruption, and fo caufe of being abafed as low is Hell for what is done ; ~·eo rhar cleannelfe and truth there is, you mult fee too, Rom.7. He felr a Law warring againft th'e"L:tw ofhi1 mind, yet he felt another Law roo whjch he made an evidenceofnis being in Cbrifl, Rom.8.I . Giving all the Glory of it' to Chrifl. Not } but~ Chrift. Andyer Paul was no Goar, Irs one rhing to fee Grace in my felf, , an0:ber thing to look upon it as mine, to clear me wirhal!. You are to fee the Lords work and nor appropriate ir t0 your felf. And this let me fay, if rhere be no more , rhan ungodlinelfe in thee, and rhou fecll no more, rhou .Jhalt never fee God in Heaven, Hev.I z.If. Nor didflnever fee him yet, I J•hn 3.6,8. Oh rheref6relo6k to a work! I r. If yott d::> nor , yo~ have no peace. _For th~ Lords fake do ir before fire tlY you, or )' Ou Hand fcorchmg before the Tnbunal ofGod. · z. Thefweet ofir will begreu, as there is nothing more bitter rhan Chri:fl dep~rri ng wirh his holy prefence; fo nothing fo fweet as Cbrill:s cleavin" ro thee in htsholyprefence: And truly fin was never bitter to that foul to1vhich the work of the Lord Jefus ~v,Js not fweer, though irs accounted by fome almofl Popery ro fpeakfo. To thts all promife> are made, I Tim.4.8. Godline.fe hath rhem. 'Tis rrue,theyaren:ade to ChriH, i.e. to Cbrifl myflical, I Cor.IZ.IZ. Yet rothe head as the foundation and conveyer of all to the elecr, Eph. 1.23. z Pet.I.),f· If you defpife work, you deCpife Promifes, and fo defpife Cbrict, and rhe Lord knowe~> wh1r ufe you may have ofthem before you die, SECT.