Shepard - BT378 T4 S44 1660

ten Virgins Opened and Applied. SECT; v: .0t_eft·vvnat are rhofe thing; may pull down this Kingdom ?. · Anfw. x_.. Ignor,~nce of rhofe li:1s which m~y hurt and ruine ir.. There are cQmmon infirmmes whrch all rbe fmhful have 111 common, for which rbe Lord pities his, bur rhere are fome that a:e proper and perfo\lal to fome perfons, p fa!. 18.2 3. for which-rhe Lord IS a~~ry even wit~ his own ; fo r~ere are fome fins which are co~nmon Church-mfirmHies, for whrch the Lord wrll nor call: otf his people, bur there are fometime; in feveral Churches proper Churchfins. Now the Rule here is, if rhefe be nor feen and lamented and removed, if rhe Lord be angry for rhefe (as verily he will ) and yer they do not fo much as know all this while what iris that hurts rhem, rhefelins will canker theroors, and bb!l: the moll: flourifhing Churches. Ephefm, Rev. :i. 4· had her fin l Sardis, Rev.2.1. had her fin. Laodicea had her fins, Rev.3~16. Now what if they never know thefe, nor repent of rhefe, you know then Ephefm CandleOick mull: be removed, and Laodicea !hall be 'fpued our of Chri!l:s mourh. Oh this harh been the bane of Churche;, while rhey enjoyed their liberties, they could nor, nay (in rrurh) would not knovoi- rheir ai!e, in rhe day of Chri!l:s vifirarion of rhem; and hen~e came their ru!ne, rhe caufe of which they faw not; only it may b~ the remnant that efcapcd, ro whom rh'e Lord D.1ewed m<;rcy, could read their Gris in their plagues. . Iris a lam'enrabl<! fpeCtacle to behold rhe ruines of German!.; and that after fuch great flaughter and effufion of blood, rhey cannot rell rhe rhing char bath burr, and dorh fiill wall: rhe1'n. . . z. Self-feeking, aSpirit of felf. Look as it is in aKingdom, if rbere be aco:umon enemy' and the body-of~he Army which fhould encounter with thecr:.z be every man t~k~ up; . and t'akinu tho'ught how he may preferve his own Tent, and do not jeyn their forceS together for common [afety, It mull: perifh, imd rhe Iqngdomwilt bet;aftlyconq~ered: Or as it is ~~irh the body, if every m~mber feeks to preferve· 1t felfalone, and net that which preferves rhemalL, (vzz.. the H~ad) rhe body will drop down and die fhortly. Chri!l: Jefus is rhe Head of this Body L his Church] . Novv 'ris cert-ain if ,ye feek to preferve your own name more than thrift's, to give more cohtent to your own lulls, rhen to rhe 1\'ill and hearrofChrif1, if more careful of fetching feathers to your own \1elts, aftd to lbift for your [elves; m1d fiot to mend ( everr man in his place) the publick good 6f the Church, and ChriH in ir; •r[s certain God will forfake you, and all will to ru!ne quickly, z CIJron.I 5.x;z: . ,Church-members of publick fpirits, ar~ ever _proi"perous men. They {hall.proflierthatlovethee, Pfal.IZ2.6. That fay 111 their hearts out of(enfeof~hn!l.'s love, Lord, what !hall I doef6t thee? Ho\v may I be ufeful ro thy people? Bur if back and belly, mine and chine;be chief hi reqi1ef1; this ;vill niine you. . . 3. League anc! Amity wirh rhe enemies of Chri!l:'s Kingdom, or peace wirh our lu!l:s; it is nor Gn,bur aprivy peace with !in,and afecrer quierneffe in !in,which overthrowes Chri!t's Kingdom: The Canaanites that were left alive, becaufe ( 'ris faid) rhey could not drive·them out, bow often did rhey vex, and prick, and yoke the IfrMl of God? Thofe fins which you fay, you cannot parr with, and hence yield unrothem, and mourn not under them, rhofe will ruine ChurchES : Some fin's you have forfaken, and could forfake, the danger lies nor here.' Wrath gQCth our again!l: Jehufaphflt becaufe he loved him who hated the Lord , '! Chron. I9·'-· · . . 4• When rhe Church laies by. he·r weapons. No Kingdom can 'be kept fafe man ordinary way, where all rherr weapons are taken from r.hem, or not ufed by them, when their enemies are upon their borders : When rhe Church hang by, and lay afide Faith (the fhield whereby we defend our (elves) and prayer · (whereby