Shepard - BT378 T4 S44 1660

8 'The'Parable ofthe (whereby we otfend our enemies) what fafery is to be expected no v in Churches? Only be llrong (faith rhe Lord to Jojhuah) when he wem our upon ' rhatgreatfervice of the Lord, J•Jh.t.7. Eph.6.q. Thereisno morefc,Jrful fign ofruine to aChurch, than where the Spirit of prayer begim to f1il ; and verily if any feople under Heaven are ready to mifcarry herein, we ( th,Jt have ollr fill o~~:eace, and our yokes brokrn. otffrom o~1r !boulders) are in mol! danger; but 1f 1t be fo, look for fuch Dukmg; of all hems, and Churches ,,lfo, as !lull I make you find your tongues, and knees, and care>, and hearts again, if the Lord means to dwellwirh you. ) 5· l'\ot bringing forth the fruits of the Kingdom, Mar.21.43· Cut rh,Jt I Church_do1vn th.1t cumbers _rhe ground, ~frer many yea:s pruning_and w~rring. That Kmgdom where there 1s Church-rradmg,but nownhden bie g.nn commg m, I , will confumequickly,anddieofitfelf. Fruius the latt end ofrhe tree: All duties you do, wherein you attain nor, or ( at leall) aim nJt at your !aft and utmofl: end, but mlke your felves your own end, rh,!t is not fruit ; Fruit refre{heth 1 \{)thers rhat tall ic; when a Chrillian walkerh f0 as that another isnot the better, [not much refrelhed) by him, but it may be hardned rather, by afaplelfeexample, here is no fruit, and thiscals for rhe axe to cur down the rree. 1 6. Divifions : This puis down Kingdoms without help of forreign enemies. ~ If a Kinpdom rhruf1:s fwords into each others bellies, this will foon difpatch them. 1 It's the Jefuics plot ro fubdue by private divifions, whom they cannot conquer by force of Armes : It was mort pleafing to Satan to prevail with ChriH to caf1: himfelf 1 down headlong from rhe Pinacle,rarher than to fling him down himfe!f. It is tbe delight of Hell to fee & fee Churches at variance among th~mfelves ,this is the firfl thing he attempts in rhe befl Churches, and it is commonly profrerous, if the Lord leaves the w,Jtchmen tofium9er, and not to be watchful, and fe 1rful, and fudddenly fenfible of the leart beginnings herein. It is a wonderful thing ro fee what afmall occalion ofoffence will do; a word, a geHure, a ~ 'rmenr, a matter of indifferency, 'tis flrange to fee, bow fud'l fmall matters Will go'e,if S a t ~ns head be in them, and hi,s Horns be fer upon them, efr eciaay in Climcbes whe' e men are fer at liberty, and enjoy tt, one muf1: have liberty eo fpeak one rhing, and another, another thing, I am of tbis mind faith one, I amnot of rhat mind (Brother) faith another: 'Tis wonderful ro feewhar a fi ··e, a fecret fmorher, and fmoak of fufpirion will do. Bur oh takeheedhere, G~tl. 5.15, Love the Trurh, receive no opinion differing from the mo(t approved in the Church fuddenly, but weep, and pray, and askcouncet, and tremble ro entemin a thought of contention: The firlt fin which brake out in the firHC:Il ,· ift iat1 Church, was ~nurmurings, AEls 6. I, What followes? Stephtn an earthly An£el , full of rhe holy Ghofl, futfers, and is taken from them, Af/J 7· And after thi~ the wholeCburch is fcattered, AEls 8. Oh keep the peace of the Church, and rend it nor for fmall matters, love one another fincerely, and you cannot budive together quierly. · CHAP.