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ten Virgins Opened attd Applied. ------- CHAp, Hi. Concerninzthe Coming ofChrifl, and the fecu~ rityof'Profefsors. . ' ,1 SECT. I. THus much of rhe place ; now !er us 'confider of rhe rime 1vheri, rhis preparation is made fer down in rhar word Then, which word harh reference ro rhe 37'b ~. ofrhe 24th eh. vj.,;,. to the daies of rhe coming of rhe Son of mJn. Jlt. 11 . Ntm when are thife~aies? . . . . . . .A'::rw: We fhai l re~d borb m Propheucal ~nd ApoH?hca_l wrmn~s, rhat all _rhe ume ~· from rhe Afceniion ro rhe fecond commq of Chn!l:, rs called the !a!l: dares, Ails z.r6,r7. Hence rhe Primitive Churches did (long iince ) and all rhe Churches ar this day oughr1 ro live in adaily expettarion of his coming again, as rh.efe Virgins here did. And hence fome think, rhan all this rime may be the daies of the co"!": ing of Chrilt, wherein all the Churches either do, or ihould look our forrhecomingofChriH. Now although I dare ndr exclude thefedaies (ina laro-e lenfe ) from being rhe daies of Chrill'scoming, as being rhe la!l dales, and ir being the dury of all ro wait for rhis coming ofChriH, as well as rhofe wholivedlongbeforeus, I 1 Cor.I.7. Yeti believe here ismeam more particularly the larrer ·parr of rhofe la!l: daies : For our Saviour having foretold of many things which ihall fall our before his fecond cominq, yet he feems to fmgle our fome particular time in rhefe !a!l: daies; ro which ne dorh annexe this [then l and that is evi c'enr ro all rh1r view well the Text, tharrhey are the daies -of his wming, for though all rhe daies ofthe Gof pet may be called rhe daies ofrhe Son of man, and fo'!1e daiesefpeci,11ly wherein there is fome kind of coming of rhe Son of man, as when he comes ro hear prayers, Luk! I 8.8. ye• to fpeak properly , rhey are nor rhe daies of the coming of the Son of man. And look as rhe daies of Noah ~vere nor all the daies from the Creation to theDeluge1 bur thofe particular yem before the Flood, fo •as here, fome fpecial before his coming, are the daiu ofhiuoming. SECT. H. B!lt whatu thu Coming·of Chrift? , Therei> a double co,ning ofChri!l:. _ I. His comino to call the Jews, and to gather in"the fulnclfe of' the Gentiles wirh them, whiclt is called the brightne!fe ofhu coming, 2 Thef.z.8. When there !2.!!fft. ihall be fuch a brighrnelfe of the Trurh lhining forrh in the world, armed wirh Anfw• fuch In!l:rumems as ihall utterly deGroy Anrichriit, long before his fecondcoming1 Rev.I9.19,20. z • .His ·coming ro Judgement, Heb.9.zB. I Cor.q. 23, 24. When there ihall be anuniverfalrefurrettion of good and bad, 1 Thef+t5,I6,r7. Now although it be true, rhat at the time of the coming of Chrilt, rocall the fews,- the Churches li"ke cha!l: Virgins ihallwait and make themfelves ready for rhe marriageofrheLamb, Rev.I9·7· Yetthe fecond coming ofChri!l feemstoberhe c time