Shepard - BT378 T4 S44 1660

ten Virgins Opened and Applied. uin as there is fo!Tiewh1r in crearur~s th.rt comen:s the heart wi thout Chrifl:-in an un;eoenerate man, fo comrary-1vife in a regene;~re, John 3· 29. if bearing the Br id~;>roLlm is jo)!, whtds h1vinghim ? indeed they t >ke content in orher thing<, but as~o!Tiing from the Hu,bJnd ; and this you mu[t do if ever you look for communion with him; c.mnot you be content wi th the Lord alone in Hewen ? yon !hall never co'Tle there then , left you qt11rrel for want of fomething. Men make nothing of thi , , to bathe their he,tr.ts in the fun"·' and JOY in what they h<TVe, and hofe to htve, but the Lord may bi!gone,and you grieve not ; why? becaufeorher things eafe your hems ; There can be no communion hereafrer if you deffile it now. · SECT. VII. 15 THis ferve_' ro difcover the great error , moft common and dangerous of"the Uji :t. whole ch..iftim world, who Lh!nk that they may love and e:nbrJce the world and the Lo;d Jefus too, .md l:>e iaved atla!t by hi !TI coo., i.e. they may not be VirgitF, b•"' ? ,1whoring fro_n Chri[t, and yet parrake of Chri!t, and mercy from him: thJt look as invas in thofe!ad dayes, 'Ifai. 4· 1. fo in theie daye ; many lay ho!d 6p Jefus Chri!t,they will ear their own bield, ltve on their own lutts , and we1r their own apprel, their own rags, ~mly let u-s be called i>y thy _name , 'Be!i~- vn-s J to r~ke 1way our repro.Kh,fer that IS anopeh {hanenono be-teve m Chrift: For r,his is the profelfed thought of fome; every one is a linner, and I am one,and a great one too , and who can r~y his heart is clean., none can fFee himfelf from fm in this life, and I cmnoc do tt if I "Would : and hence look oa Chrift eo fa,;e th4m,though lin fieeps in rhe!TI: you cannot have both; I would but enquire,hath nor every man fomething that contems him? what is it ? is it rh<! love, the fellowih ; pof]eflis?Je ~ , _ itmaybeaEaSlCramen~, and it mJy be nor , for thou maifl: f1y, the Lor never yer revealed his loveandfelfumo me, neveryet alfured me, yet fone1vhat joye; thv he1rr . What rhink you, can you have the Lord,and comem your felves thus with other things? why? I truH to him I ho.'e fo; it cannot be io. If the Lord Jefus was a Patron of Brothel-houfes, a ProteCtor ofl Srews,you migbrrhinkfo; fon:e fay they cannot pr,ty rohim, norprizehim; why? fo:J' ething elfe comenrs the.n bef'des him ; but know it cannot be fo : I know a Saii1t may be taken.rtide, as David with envy at others -profr eriry; but when he confiders of it, 0 w'hat a Be1lt! he returns ~giln. The Raven and the Dove we·e fent forrh, the one carr:e again and again, the otPer not ; therefore as ]o{hu.t 24. brol'ght the people to there thoughts, you c.t,nat ferve the L•rd,and other gods, as J unit# n0tes, fo bring thy fe\f to ~hat fl: :ai t : 0 th l t the Lord would fer on thi sone thin~ this d1y; when I fadly wei-;h i~,iu c::-nfounJs me,md nakes me fay, Lord who rhen can be faved! I knowwith Got! all things are poffible, but thisis riue. ' , SECT. VIII. H. Ence.wetnay learn whoth~y are that never !hall haveeverlall:ing c?mmuni- U[e _ :lo on 1\tth rhe Lord ]efus, w<.. rhof.: that never were efpo.,fed to him , and you may know this , if never yet divorced from all others befi des him,; Pfal. 73. 25, z6. I l11all fl:1y awhtle here, beoufe there is never an unfound heart in the world, bur as chey fay of Vilitche<, they have fome·Familiar that fucks them , fo they hwe fo:ne Lull that is beloved of them, Come beloved there i> they have given a pro"life to, never ro forf1ke ; and alfo b<!caufe moH men do feem and think they are Virgins efpoufed to Chritt, and look for communion with hi!n , and yer not