Shepard - BT378 T4 S44 1660

ten VirginsOpened and Applied. chat if ever any creature did che~ good, it wa;Jefus thlt put thaEfweerneffe in it, out of his fulnelfe, and feeit awork, fem it to rhee, gave ic rhee to do thee oood. Thou !11ouldil never have h1d wink of fleep, never reLtrained from one lin ~ bur lived in blafpheming God, never have heard ofa Gofpel but' for Ch>iil :. And . will you not love him ? Oh ungrateful world! unnatural generation of men : Why doLl love any creature ? 'Iis for che paint of it and gooEJ in ic. If there be fo much in ir, what is there in Chri!l: rhat gavel e, that dropt ir inr.o it ? Never love him if rhere be any rhing goorl that is noE by hi m, Pfal.n6. I. The Lord hath heard m7prayer, 1 will call -~n him M long M I _live. Much more when the Lord harh delivered , and thou dtdft never feek ro htm. · _ 4· He is rhe everlal1ing wonderment of Saints in Heaven; the ~een of' •Sheba heard of Solomon, whidi made her come to fee him, but J.he before imagined but that which now !he faw with her own eyes , and that wrapt her out of her felf. Here we he"r C'f the Lord Jefus , of his beauty and glory, and this draws Saints to him, and when come , they fee that' which they never faw before, efpecially when in Hewen: then fall down in everlafiing admi ration at rhis myfiery, for rhe blelfedners ofSaints is to fee Chri!linhis glory, John i]. 24. Now this lies in an infinite good , this cannot be feen in a finite · tt:rre: hence S!ints J.hall be piercing rheir eyes deeper and deeper itiro this mytlery, and lhall ever fee more and more, but never fee all, and this is their joy and glory in Heaven; Is it fo ? what chink you, is Chri!l w0rrhy ofyour l<weor no? look upo_tt all rhe glory ofche field of chisworld, yo.t may fee an end of all perfeetion,bur never here. 5. He is the delights and bofo::ne love of God himfelf, Prov. 8. 30.-: Hence John when lie came eo fee Chrift our, John 3. 35. The F ar:her loveththe Son. iNGiv is it fo, furely though you fee nor, ca(le not this good, yer there 'ris ; now t-ell me if this perfon do nor challenge love! would you nor be glad to have him? yo« will lay, can be look upon fuch a VVrerch, embrace fudl a Leper as I-? flo fur ely he will never do it. · ' ·~c -· :-:. ' ,; .SECT; if. ~ , .• r z. C·· OnGder he makes love eo thee , not1:>ne foul chat hears me this day , bur_ · the LordJefus is aSuitor unto, that noiv pu would be efpoufed tb him: He ~~~~e unto hu own, and they re~ei-!Jed him_ not. . Whar~ver' ~he· fecret purpofe·of Chrillts, I r;pud not : , In rhts Evangehcal- dtfpenfanon of,Grace, he _make> love to all, ;ohn I,I z. Tts clear, Mat.n.z, J. If there be ·a Gbfpahn m9 world , there is of Chrill yearning ·towards all ; · efp~iatly all that h~avq this Go~~! ~f peace fenr CO them, Luk! 2.Io; 'Tu Jidingsof!!feat joy to all people, as Lm ts ~tdmgs of great farrow eo all p~ople, Luk! z. I4· ' Angeh from Heav_en preacht thts good will towttrds men. For tf rbe thallen~e ofhve fr-Om men fr.>!'mld be founded on his actual love [') fome, having diea for fome, then the offer would be pmicdar. But'cisgrounded, .I •. On his own-w'Or<rh and Glory, and hence he ch.lllengech love. 2 . On thi<, for ought I know he bath loved m:e. So tharrhou arc nor fo vile, burrhe Lord jefus his hearciscoward thee, and hi~ eye is upon thee for love. Bur 'ris not all love,· buc only forfie ·that overcomes. I. Now 'cis real love. 2. Fervent love, 3• .Conll:anr• · 4. ·Pure love. 'he makes eo rhee. -- · · -r. 'Tis relllove, when the Gofpcl and Minillers feek f~r love, the Lord is real in hi< defire;, there is no collu!ion or dilfembling, 2 Cor. 5. 20. in Chrifis fiead, He that receiveth Y"'~' receivethme<, thou thinkefl: the Lord cares not for thee, nor dorb not defire thee though he doch or hers : but I. Either the Lord would ha~<; thee !path him, or love him ; what think)tott? , 2. If the Lord did not really tnake love to 'thee , he would not be really ~gry , . . for 2J