Shepard - BT378 T4 S44 1660

\------------------------------------------------------- ' i__. ten Virgins Open~dand.Ap_p_lz_.ed_·~~-t i fhouldfl:, therefore dofc wirh him, and ·lore will follow. 3• Get die Lord to overcome rhy hem, Jer.J.I9. ·How !hall I do it ? ' r. Set him before thee? Who will co:rtmit lewdne!Te while her busoaiid look> on? Pfa!.I6,8, z. Sec what content thou givefl: Chrifl: by love : SmalleR duties coming fro~ love arc accepted. What makes theewrongh1m to pleafe thy fclf? , Let' a rhino crofie thee, yet it con· ems ChriH Jefus. "' .3. Get him, and wait b1 Faith on him to overcome thy hearr, and the work is done rhen. Now will you do this or no ? If not fay then you hil:ve had afair offer, and tell the Devils fo, when thou goeH down to Hell, as u:. may be thoh maieft ere Ion<>. Men talk of terrible Sermons, but thefe Gnk cteepell. Tell me, doH rhoulove the lord only ? Wil't keep lufls or Chrifl: alone ? Iffo, then look to it. In this Coumrey a woman killed her child, and ihe laid, when fhc did it, her child fmi!ed upon her. Wilt thou kick Chrifls love now when he fmiles upon rhec. Afterward fhee repented, but it was roo !are. Women when rhey have a mind to fomeother, murder rheir husbands, b!lt ifknown, burnt rhe)' muH be. But wilo have him and love him alone ? Oh ifperfwaded tothis,thenhappy for ever. Let this day be thebeginningofcternalG!oryto thy foul, and the God ofpeace be with thee. CHAP. VII. Sher:v_eth thatamanhath~oporver inhimfelf to doanyf]?iritual rvor~but that hemuff receil'e allfrom [hrift. 0!_efl; . Anfw. Clmfl:, to do all. fpmtual work, all we do ( Theolot,rci) fmm the 4 4·HEnc~ we fee a nec~~ty, if everwe ' look to have co;nmunion wit. b U/e , m~ghty power of C~r!!t; from the life and $piric of Chria.. To · bnng forth no Spmru•ll ACl: but from Chri{l , · and for Chrifl: (I 11ul! .Put b?th in one, and the_latter inco che_firlt; for n_oneaCl:yuty froU: bun but 1t 1s for bun ) for you know 1f a woman bnng f?rth children eo any orher buc her own husband, that woman bath loll her chalhcy : So when men !hall brin~ forth the fruit~ o! o?~dience :o any .orl!er,_ from ~ny orher, bur from Chn!1, they lofe che1r V1rgm1ty, thetr chafi1ty, wuhouc which no communion with·Chrifl:. For I have ever made two pares or dC!>rees of Chriltian challicy ( as 'cis in outward chafliry. ) " · · ' 1. The foul fets its chief affeCl:ions on Chri!l alone, chat look as 'ds with a l':om.m, thot~gh l11c cannot do much , nor deferve his love, ·yet her wirh hml,-her felf1s hts, Cant.6.3. I am mJBelovedJ. 2. ~he fou_l b:ing: forth fruits of love _only unro Chrifl:, i.e• .from Chri!l and for Chnfl, as ~n.mamagc the v~oman bnngs forth fruit of her womb to her Husba!ld; and !h1s 1s fetdown plamly, Rom.1·4· Thefirfl we have handled. Now ahttle ofth1s. And ch~t I may pre!Te this which is of much ufe to you, oive me leo~ve toexprc!Te my felfm thefeConduGons. P SECT. E z