Shepard - BT378 T4 S44 1660

l ~I\ f«<h. '"' """ <h<y ::~~:~:~:!,~-~~; 7,~cog< h ,,. ,;,,;,,,.g;.;·,;:. l 4· Bccaufe every man thtnk; he love; and c.1re; for bt ml <.: lf l'e ' and 1ees no God norChrillcuing for or loving of him more th;m himf~l f; Hen<d .1il1.111!1iOt< ' for himfelf, a?d lives for himfelf, and all from illmfelf. A; when Jofcphs B re-~ \ thren faw.the~r Brother, the~ they ~ame down and IJvr:d UfO:Lbt:n, bdn;-..! rhey came to htm mdeed, but wab thetr mony, to !we ofthemi~\v~s. And rhn: 1,. [W!S with the young man, Sell all alfdha"e riches in Heavw: No, he !<wed hi:11- l , 1 felf, and cared for bimfclf better thln fo; hence would nor co:t1mir an.! >;ivc j' .a1vay all to Chrill. · , S· Becaufe whatever aman dmh from himfclf, eicber 'ris &ooJ,or he rbi nk; ic ! fo, or hopes if not, God will accept ir. Some evthn ic pe:h.1ps, bm h.: ill' h hi; j allowances which t••ill make it go, fome go_od detire; o; Fairh in Chrin-, .md hence 1 hopes ifmt thinks God will accept of wh.1t come< fromhin:fcif. A, , p ,.ov., r. >. l Allt~miiJJswaiuarerightinhisowne;es. Andrruly Nature and S:1t:111 ]l ,,·e ever I been Imitators and Ape; of God, to forge md m.1kc Gr.Kc like trrc Cr.K(\! hence deceived•. This being p!e.16ng to men, is rhc pr.1aicc of 111o!f !l:lCn, yc1 , .111 ; menoutofChnll. And this is onegre.1t p.>rt of the inw.1rd, fecrcr , ltJhril, fpiri - ; tual whoredom of rhe foul. Thus men mJyforcc forrow, when yet there is little I true forrow, and fo in other cafes. j ! SECT. vn. I Cone/, 4• THat all tht[e worl:J though good in thm,felve.r , 1ft 11re mojf v ile t cforc tl e i . L~rJ; ~s Chrill fpeaks of the Ph,uifees, Its abo~nin.uion in tbc tight ofGod, i whtch ts glonous before man, Luke xt). I 5. ; I. Be~aufe hereby the foul deprives ~!:trill of the end of his co•ning; for .11l 1 ~ men havm~ loll the llock and power to hve, rbe I.ord hence wtll trult no ~nan with it agatn; hence purs it into a furer and better hand, rh.1t thither poor, blind, I dead creatures ~y for life,& whenthcyar.: there,live there like bees on rhcir 1 1 bony, John~z7.& 17·"3· He might never have looked •1frery0u, andwill youdefpife l{tmnow? What folly and unkindneffe is this, rh .1t when vour Fits arc dry, and bottles empty, and fouls mifcrablc here, you will not (I do not I fay fip) when water runs by your door, but not live. z.Becaufe whatever come;' from r~tf,ic' ever for felf.A man c.111 do nothing fro•.n himfelf, buthislaHendisfclf. As 'ris with w.Her-works, they rife nohi gher j than rhefpring, Gm.I 1-4-This Bate! I have built, Dan.'{.. 30. And am.m tlm h.nh I' but common Grace, look as by verwe of th.1t Gr.Kc, or gift of God, h<! :'n-1y act for God, beca11feitcamc from God; fo tmure .1nd fin being mo:e rowerfulthJnl that Grace, hence he never fo aas for God, but in rhc !Jll place aas for it fdf, I as in Jehu: And fo aman make' himfelf his own Co.'. 3· Becaufe whatever aman dothfrom himfclf, he will grow proud of ir, Ram. 4· Not ofworl:J, left MJ mmz {hould hoaft. Hence J,abfenr roDavid to rake rhci City that he might h.wetbe Crown. Thisrobs Chrilt of rbc Ghry. I 4· Becaufe w·hatever work is not done by vercue of the lord Jcfus, is a de1d ; work, which a living God,anda living Chrill, and a li\·inr; Spirit lo.Hb, Heb.9.14. ! SprinkJe JOHY Confciences from dead worl:J: _Dead! y wor~s .ue 6!1s, (le 1d .works arc 1 good works done, but not from rhepnnnpleofthe !tte of Fat rh, bm ltfc ofNJ- 1 cure. Now as Confcience is the principle ofrbe life of Narme, fo Chr1!l is the principleofa Chrillianlife, Co/.3 . I John po,I 1,12 . For 'ci' not fanaifintion that is fhe principle of life, but the life it felfthat flow.s from it, as from · union offoul and body, the foul is not the life but the principl e of ir, hence as :' foon as its our, the body is de.1d : So, &c. And do you not find ic rhu•, when-.: 1as you do many duties, how tedious, wearifom arc they? yet n:uit be dot'c, rlti, , , __ _;;_ _________________________