Shepard - BT378 T4 S44 1660

ten Virgins Opened ~nd Applied: rbis is ade1d wqrk, Wh.1t co;nforr, wba~ re .H;e is rbere, when you h.1ye dbne rhe:n ? becaufe not f rQ!U life. . 5 • Becaufe wblt co:nc; fro:u felf, <;o:nes from aU fin, 'ris.dipr atjd qyed, and rainred and poyConed wi,h a)l f111 in ~ ~an ne>. who can 6~ing a, cl~'"' thing ~m. of 6. Bec<~ufe when a ru'<~n will, act £ro:n him~\f, and nq~ (uffe~ Ch1i!l to aa fQr. 'him, he will nor hav~ c.hri!~_ tQ reign OVe~ hi'll, be pul~ dowl: (~1~. King?q:n ?l Go:! char J11ould be wtrbw ~m. For when a m.:~n profefferh_ Chn!li;> Jlllgpfh.I5 Church, he is now a. King 111 name: When ~man feels ·a11 Jffipofl.ibi\ny w rule himfelf, Jnd hence delireth a~1d_ cbuf7rh Chri!l w rule, n~w ChriH is. a ~by, choice : When rbe foul afrec this cbotce, de~nds on Cbn(~ for wh_at he c!¥Jf~ him for, and the Lord works, now Cbri!l is a King indeed. No1v if you w:u nor have the Lord to. reign over you, yo~ wiU be found, enemies to the Lore!$ Kingdom. · SECT. V. HEnce it will follow, The,foHl u to ail lf!h9lly and only fom the .(_orel Jefw c · 1 Chrift, and wh11tever ft~Jits •f love i~ ji;(Ws fo Chrift, to brinu them fmb on(' 5 ' · ftom Chrift. Which dorh nor only wncern them that never yet knew C~ri~,~rid ye~ pride ttp rbemfelves in whH they have and do, bur rbofe t~<\ t be in <;:brill in a fpecial manner. For Johf! I p. Eve'} .Rranqh in me that ~rin,g.r not f•rfp fuii(. 'Tis not ~emt of on~ indeed iQ Chri11:, for ~1e 0all b~ing fQ1tn ~n~ic; b11c ~very branch, t. e. by oucward profeffion, fo that It bnngs not forth frm(, b.ut app<ears f,1ir, and deceive; man, God l~il\c.llt away: 4!1d 'if.ithom 11U, ev~p ye D,ifciples can do nothing. I, Howuthe foultoafffrotp ChrijlGnlr1 '¥f!henit hath IJ!e, eJPe(i1Nl thteleE1 1 f!!!eft.I, z. B;whatmeflnsmaJthisbedoiiC, togeta,~4k!epthisch'!ftit;? : . I2..!!_eft.z. Firlt, How i1 the foul to a[f frqm Chrift alone '¥f!hen there is fa#ifiratiqn rpi1~i11 ? .Qjfijl.r. I. If the foul feel 'no powerto acl:frorn Grace received, as Sainrs fomcimes dql Anfw.I •. pr afcer Gods defening cl)e:n, or their forfaking God Iona, or afrer [ome hardning fin ; then 'tis clear che fe\11 iq chis care is . ( thoug~ not·in a way qf carelerfenefs) ro depend upon cbe Lord Jefus, that he would quickl!n an<! h,elp. As D~vid afcer his gro!fefal), Lord mate i11 1Pe a clean heflrt. : And lftt.6).Iz. Why haftth~uhATdnedour hearts from thJ fear? Ohretur~! In ~hts ca[nhe)ou) 1s no; to bring the loul eo God, bur God ro the foul. As monY, a Chri(}ian qn·rwc prizenorloverheLordnorhis w4ie;, heis nottofay, -Iwill bring myfoul~nd · 01fer it Do him; b~1t lookc.o ~he Lord that he would rai fe up my .dead affeetions :1gain. As the Cemurion of his Servanr, S~at t/1e wor4) ~fie. Chri!l f;,arpri~ed llt'. hi~ .F .Ut h. Men chink wh~n chey feel noc~ing, that they plU~ ~nd c:in wqrk i.tout; and hence come> pn~ of chefe th ree cbjngs. · ' J, Ei.t:herthefoul canno()ov~ .ChrW: when it fees fuch La;yes ~c canp\)( ful.)rp,~t to. And hence aChriflian q>~<;e faid ro me, If rhe lea!l thing WJS kft for m~ rodoofmy felf, Ic0uldnotlove<;:hri!l ;- bu~ now that wh~JJ. bro.ught low ?,n<;l do nothing, be brings all rpe help \ye J,Jeed. This ~ke~ th~ ,Spo1,1fe $?' tonhebofon ofherHusbln9, Jj~l. I 1~.?,7. Or elfe, · .z. ltcannor.dojr, for cqrrppcionin,a Saint istoo hard for hisGrace, I 'BW}/It fl .child,aml thJ p.eople man7, . I K;~ngs 3·7r !lence he mull be llrong int9f! Lorc;i• .Or 3· lfitdo, 1.rnever; any Feac\! itnvhat~t docb, rbeduties nev~r.Co;.vell done. Whf:teas.orherwifeith<e poorf!!l put.Y. done from ChriG, wi_ro.e,ffe lf~~·J ~. 4•S· as'<l .chtld begot0f.the ,Father, h)! ,\Vlll own, but other chi)d~j!nl;lot •. If any'}Xlortired he.rrt:tbat hem,me rhi~ day, thou ha(l .been making thyJ;\~ifk, ~~11~ promifes-and vo<'l!e~ will no~,he\p, no1v aw,vy to the ~ord, if ever help~ow ·~is ,'l!hen moll helpleffe. z. If