Shepard - BT378 T4 S44 1660

1-------------::----"---::::-:::-------------1 \ 34 The'P arable ofthe I !- --_ but only fo much-a' is fit for htm: a man feels much firairneffe, and he would ' have many enlargements ; he finds much deadnefs , and he would have deep and l over-flowing affeCtions, and he c:omes to the Lord for it, and the Lord gtves fome, 1 Doch he rou ? do you nor find It ? can you fay you feek the Lord , and attend on 1\ the lord in vain with ~hefe Hypocrites, Mat. 3. I4. True, but -yet merbinks 1· , more would be better. <How do you know that? I think fo, that it would be more ' I for his honour: you thil'lk fo,rhen it. feems you have one 'eye more than Chri~, and ! that he is very careleffe and foolilh ia railing his own honour : Oh abhor thofe ~ thoughts , he gives you fuch a coar as is fir for you, fuch afail as firs your boar, fuch , lhoes as fir your feet, Pfa~. 2 I. 5. Honour a~d Majtjly h~tff thou fitte~ f'»" him: I therefore do nor look to recetve any more than Is fit for you, and know It, that is J bell for you. The Phylirian prefcribes rhae which is fit, nor that which is moll - 1 delired of the Patients : if they will not accept of this , he will not look after 1 them, I Cor. 12. 7, 8. . \ 4· 1 hink not to get any rhino from the lord Jefus with eafe, I m em to the flelhly part: ir harli been an old complaint<, I go to Chrill,and filh all nighsand can catch nothing: and why? here is rhe caufe, they cannot get it ealily, and , ther-efore they cannot get it at all , yea there 'tis. Heb. t I. 6. This is one of rhe I two main handles of Faith , he u a rewarder of all them that diligently feek_. him lpor negligently: and hence at their firfl:converlion how do~hChrifis Fruits over~ flow, and his Jordan rife above the banks: and what a deal cloth a chriHian gain yet ' not afterward : fo in rime of great trouble , oh 'tis becaufe you feek him dilig~nrly: Therefore in prefcribing means, do not fay tpis is hard, and fo depart as rhofe did upon the very fame ground, John 6. 6o. SECT. VII. The Me~tnes are theft. Mean; I. I. LAbour for a comprehending knowledge, what is the love of Chrill: to thee: there is a double knowledg of Chrills love. I. That he loves me, and this very apprehenlion fetcheth in warmth and life into the heart, In thy favour is life. 2, Whatthatlove is, and that in all thedimen!ions of it: and beloved this is that which fills aman, Eph. 3· 18, 19. rhac as Iris with Wo'llenwhen rhefutneffe of the Husbands love is feen, it knits rhe hem invincibly to him,and makes her do any thing for him,fo I<Jere. And as we fay of Trees, ifrheTree begins to wither .md dye, the only way is nottocafi water on the branches, orro pray for warerand clews from Heaven on them , bur \Vater the roor. Love is the next root of all Grace, love Chrifi, and you will never be weary of doing for Chril1:, love him,and he will love you, Prov. 8. I7. Now what kindles lovefo much as this comprehending knowledg of the Lord Jefus,and his love,this will make a man a burnin~ Beacon of love, make a man melt into love' which is as firong as death, much water cannot quench it ,z C9r. 5. 14. Love uf Chrift conftrains; GttL 5 .6. F aim work! /;y love: Faith is ~feet whereby we come to Chrifl, Love is our hand whereby we work for Chtjl'f:now let any Chirurgeons fervam come to aChirurgeon with abroken ann, and tell him he can do no work for him, therefore delire him ro give him Hn;rigrh ro do it, come faith he, lee me heat your ar'll firfi: no by no means ; let me firH:do your work,that foyou may heal,and I may feel my arm robe whole: It can never be: So 'tis many a Chri!lians courfe, Lord let me do rhy work_, and hence he criesl Lord give me Hrengrh, and rhen falls to do it , and cannot Without pain, becaufe his love is broken. Many fay , I will go to Chrill, and a& f0r Chrill, and then I will rhinkthe Lord loves me, but never find it: firll fee and comprehend the loveofthe Lord: And truly this is the reafon why no heart, no llrength