Shepard - BT378 T4 S44 1660

ten Virgins Qpened and'Applied. · frrength to atl: fon_,od, unteae it be in a we.nifon manner , and why ? .oh lov.e is our, and why is that o'l:? why 'ris nor comprehen?~d by rhe eyeofFmh, its detpifed by.fome other thtn"'> are fweer eo them , our s forgonen by others; men remember nor w'ha~ once rB'eywere, and what rhe Lord luch done, 'ris feen a little, and hence a·Jirrle life and ltrengrh, bur 'tis comprehended by few. 0 fi_nful times ! 0 unkind world.' never was my heart fo de.1d C11rh one, never fo firanned and fhm up f.1irh amrher, never fo feeble i11 all durie.; faith another: w~y,you fee, and raGe, and lip of. rhis love~ bur you feed nor heamly~ ~bu.I~damly01~ lt. ~ever did!t thou rhmk fo hrde of dus love; for though Clmft Wlll conve1gh nch Grace ro his people, yet it fhall be by love. Chrillians wi.ll co~e to Chri~t, and when they receive.and feel the good they wme for , they will. rhmk of Chnfts love and that he love>them,no firH come unto the Lord Jefus, being once come, know he will not ca!l:rhee away, John 6. 37· then thiAk of this love; !by here,fir(Heed here and you may aCl:, and then the .Lord will conveigh Hrength and power, ,~nd inable you hereunto.= For though when a man trul1s to h1s love as Pew: W~thout Faith , amanWill fall becaufe be trul1s to an arm of fl.efh : yer when Faub lmploies love, the work is very great. As a Father bath a chiLd who muH keep ar home with him, but he harh never a Steward to lay out that elht~ for him that he rogivebim, but when an ableSreward, now be gives his Son richly. So here: . Q.!!,eft. How fha!ll comprehend,it? . , . . . Anfw. FirH, rhe ApoH!e prayes for u. Secondly, fee what ns by b1s defcnption, and medicare on it. · . . . I. The bredtb, i.e. the fame love wherewith the Lord comprehends all Sa~nts, as Abraham, &c. thou art as dear to the Lord as be or any in Heaven ., .nay ic may be did coft more : not a crolfe,nor a mercy, but irts common (for fubfiance )unto all Saints. 2, The length, from eternity to ererniry, nothing can part, nothing !ball pm; all other things are but Summer Swallows that build with us for a rime. 3, The depth , chat the Lord fhould look upon thee wbe11 in thy Pefi-houfe, when no eye pircied thee , when as low as the Grave, nay as low as Hell, nay lower , for they in Hell would come out, rho'u wouldH nor. Never think to fee ' what infinite love is, rill rhou feelt infinite wrath. "f· The height, to be as happy as Angels, and more to, riay to be all one wirh Chrilt,and in Chrift,and loved wirh the fame love Chril1 is, John 17. 2 3, 26, 5. W ben thou feel} it thus, yet it's the love of Chriftrhat palferh knowledg: A? children cannot tell how Parents bve d1em, Will you do rhus? 'Tis With many Chri!lians as 'Lis with many Trees , the Tree is good , and the foil is gO?d, .and rai~ , clews, fun, Husband-man good, yet it begins eo dye,tben now nothmg tswanrmg, but only to be fer a little deeper, rhac it may take more rooi: of thefo¥1. Andfo here, there is nothing v~ant~ng in many a Chriilian, but ro be fer a lmle deeper, and to rake more roonng m the Lords love. Faith roots In felfin Gods love,andn01v profpers by love. The eye is bur little, yet <:an comprehend a mightyworld quickly : mans mind is but little, yet can comprehend, though.noc clue infi nirenelfe, yet aninfinire love. If there be rhis light of glory, fee by n all your poor fad hearrs that conceive nothina butrerror and holinelfe in God ; . if you fee ir nor, know it here is your work no~ ; for the firl1 work is to getFmh, rhen roger love, then roaCl:from Faith by love. Now the Lord hath ~~~~fd~t the firH, and thou art bufie a doing the third work, nor remembring the 2, Conrenr not thy felf with feeling a want of fupply, but labour ro feel a need of fupply from the Lord je(us , for many a Chril1ian feels a want of Grace from Chnlt,brokennelfe,&c. fees he bath nothing, and is fomerime by fits troubled for the Want of1t: but he can be well content though he have no fupply,having fomeF 2 what