Shepard - BT378 T4 S44 1660

The 'Parable of the what elfe to eafe and comenc him, he feels na need of fupply , fo as he cannot be without ir, thtt his Spirit fails unlelfe the Lord Jefus in mercy give ic, and therefore mull have it, there is a necellity of ir. Hence he never finds fupply, and wonders at it why 'ris fo ::and here 'ds, here is his wound , and fo brings up an ill report of the Lord, faying he is lo.lth ro give , and of the Ordinmces ofrhe Lord, 'ris in vain eo feek, and truly fo it is rofeek fo : for let thy condition be never fa' miferablc, if thou feel eft a need of !l!pp~ , the Lord will make bare his arm, and work wonders,bring Hewen out of Hell, Joy our offorrow, and light our of the thickeltdarkne!le, and floods our of dry ground, Ifai. 41. 17, 18. when the ground is dry and perched away, no moi!turc left; now the Lord pours out warer on rh is foul, Ifai. 44· 3. Heb. 4· ult. Many come ro the Lord for Grace, and f.nd it not, merhinks I hear ~he Lord fFcaking thus to his people, I love you de,1rly, and I am content to give you any thing you need, bur you do not need my Grace, my Spirit, my prefence, i.e. you fed nor aneed of it , for if you had it now , you would nor prize it n:uch, nor keep it long: my pr.!cious Grace mult no_r be fpilr. Many kn01v rhetr wams and diltemFers , ~nd know there ts no help 111 rhemfelves, md fee all fulne!fe in Chrilt, and hence come to him,bur find none,becaufe they can be content though rhe Lord deny : no nor never iliall unle!fe you feel rhe woe of your wants, rl'lat. your Spirit fails ifrhe Lord fend not in fupply, Ifai. 57· 16. I will not contend, left the Spirit fail. Hence there God promifeth to dwell , to fend and create Fe,JCe a-nd comfort : for what is the reafon that Chriffians at firH beg[nnings feek peace and mercy, and have abundantly then? why truly I was long rime before I had any thing, but when my fpirit began to fail, and I gave all for gone,and could hold our no more, now the Lord helped and pi~tied me; bur where are rhofe comforts, and thatprefenceofthc Lord now? Truly now you think the worft is p~lt, and would be glad of the life ofChrift , and Grace from Chrjlt , bur if nor , you have a little, yom ftate is fafe , md fo can lie without puttin~ your felf to a neceliiry of it. Is it not thus ? is nor this your very wound ? it in be , for the Lords fake then get it healed, and do as people in Chrifts ti.:ne , thofe chat were well, and had not defperate Difeafes, commonly came nor ro him, but when the Difeafewas defperate, you know the Fame of ChriH being fpread abroad, then they brought their fick and laid rhembefore his mcr<iful eyes, then they looked forrhe laying on of hi' hand, or aword of his mouth, and all were healed: fodo you, you heard of the Fame of CbriH , and leen o~hers humbled, others pardoned , lay cby fick Soul (but look rh,lt it~ lick) before his eyes, and fo look for ofle word of his mouth, as the Woman of Ctmaan, he may deny for a rime, yet fhe rnuH have it , and the Lord will fay , Be iumt• thee according to thy Faith , not according to thy deferrs, thou wilt h1veir, I mult give it, thou dyellwithout it, behold I hve rorevivethee, and therefore to givetr. You come to Prayer, and vVord, and wam many things, but find rhem nor. Oh come therefore , Lord I mvlt have,I cannot go withoutfupply. Not bur that a Chriltian mu!t wait, and be comenr humbly,but nor c,trelelly: Therefore think within thy felf, I. What is there chat I nee~ bur this, rheprefenceof God,rhe life ofGod, &c. Is it nor enough in Heaven, where's no wealth nor comforts elfe? and is it nor fufficienr now? 2. M''Y I have it on thi<condition, [I mult have it, I am refolved nor to go witlwut it] Rro. 22. 17. ifyon will come, take it . Are rhetermes fo fwcet? :; . Do wicked men thir(l: more and more afrer cheir lufls,and is Chrilt, and his Grace, and hi> Prefence no !:letter, char I have eno~gh of them quickly? God for. bid there fhould be fuch a hem. 4: Dorh rhe lea it fin fo exceedingly go to rhe hc,~rt o~ my Gbd, and fhall Huffer 1t not only to act here, and tempt here, but rema1n ahve here? 5. Is not the Lord afrer all love l11ewn rr.e, worthy of infinite (not a little) honour from me ? and doth he deferve all, and multI not, fhalll not give it him befo_re