Shepard - BT378 T4 S44 1660

I ten VirginsOpenedand Applied~ ~ 3 rarher than on Cbrifi, becaufe fuon<>ly tempted fo to do, and tc may after fome - fcouroes be favd atla!l, yet palle b/chem, and fer thy hear t only on him. WeJudge" of aFnend by the nmes ofcriall, and of_a Cl~nfitan, by a tune ofcempcari: on. Now a B~.tam, a Wtt~h n:ay nor dare m nme of ternpt<lt!on, to fallmco it. Oh get ne !train h1ghe·, and go one fiep farther_ than a Witch, though I might let my 1earr loofe after the wor ld, I will not love tr, the love of the Lord deferves 1t, the love of the Lord confira1ns me to give my love to him and nor to the world, though I might hide it; and have pardon for ic. 3 • He loves thee although thou wrongeH hin1; lfa·43·~i. toi6, when he is fo wronoed that he is ready to sive thee up, yet Ha[. I I. 8,9. He u Ga4 .wd IIOt man, nay,1~hich is more wonderful,where fin ~here Grace, abounds.Hence David makes this an Argument, Pfal.~s.I I, Farg;ve bet:aufe tu great• .. And hence Mafes, Deut.33·9· 'B•caufe'tisaftiffnick!d people. Oh therefore love him, though he [mires thee, though he forfakes thee, wherein he may feem, but indeed doch no wrong to thee; but love thee; for ,chaflifemenc is part of the portion offons, not of Baflards, Heb.xz.6,8. But do as charwoman when/he came torhe flake, oave away hercl01rhs, fome-co one, fo:ne to anoci:J,er, Now ftirewe/lfriend,, and ~orld, we/came Love, we/came Chrifl• . SoiftheLord comes t!l take avi;ay all from rhee, the child ofr~y body"· the husband of thy youth, the wife ufthy bofom, · rhe comforts ofchy hfe, provtfions from ~hy farmly; bread from thy mourh; bid farewel to them, give rhem into the Lords hands, and. now fay; Nelcome Chri!t. Its ufual for Chri(tians at firH conver!lon and efpoufing, the Lord loves them dearly, and renders them , /hews nothing but l?ve to them, and then their l<;>ve is frelh; afrenva(d come hard Frol!s, and Wmrer-florms; and cold blafls of difpleafure: Chrill: departs from the Soul, withdraws himfclf, hides his face , and fends fadaffiietions ; now the Soul apprehending anger, and nothing elfe, it grmvs difcouraged, and fo dies : when if it could flay and wait ; it lhould fee all from love, and doing it the ~rea cell: good. Oh remember this : he dorh affiicl: me, he doth depart from me, ne doth fear me with Hell, yet l'le love him never a whit the lelfe: Though rhe Lord buries all the Blellings he gives me, yet my love ihalllive, and if it do fall it /hall arife• . ~· He loved thee when ill thyloweflue,~/al. 136. 23;_ even 1vheri au1q eye ptrued thee, E;::,ek.: x6. nay when thou wert V1lefl, at the hetght of thy !in, under deepefl depths of mifery, and_ll;aighre(f.<;,apciviry, after Friend~ had almoll: cea· fed to counfet, Word and Sptmcou!ddono good, after Confctence had warned thee. Oh love him when he is in his lowefl eHate, when his enemies ,perfccute · him , and his feep1ing Friends forfake him. Before you came to this Land, you thought Chrifl and perfecurion, Chri!t and che meaneA: condition, nay Cbrifl ,and dearhwouldbefw.::et: rheLorditmaybedochorwillrry your love; and here you find Chrill:and lo!fes in Eflare, Chrifl and cro!fes in your Family, Chril! and many fe~rs,and toils, and cares. Do you love him now a's well as ever you did for .all thts? Oh never was my heart worfe! I doubt not bur a difcernino Chriflian mayfeehow all the world is againH Chrifl, nay many Trayrorsin his "own Family, who love thebagg more than Chrifl. Many foolilh Virgins yyho love their fleep and florh more than Chrifl ; nay the hearts and Spirits of his own Friends. declining, that there is not that lifeofChrill, that prefence, and favour, and power ofChriflin Hearts, in Prayers, in Lives, and no complaints of this: Now. is the fittefl time of love, when no eye fees, when no heart loves him, or cares for him, Pfalm II9.126, 127. Therefore I loveth} commands, when· be· is !hut out of every heart, when none to receive him , if any love ic will appear now. 5· Hedoth love thee conflanrlyever)' mo:nent, John I 3· . x. ;. He harh thee ever_y moment in his own bofom, every mo:nent thou art linning , and he ~ pardonmg. Sm, and Satan, andHell ; and wrath are every moment waiting to hurt . H3 . rhee,