Shepard - BT378 T4 S44 1660

)4 Object. A n fir. T'he 'Parable of the thee, and he is everymoment watching over thee ? rede~miog of th~e . Every moment fin and. Julhce cry a;sam!l: thee, and yet he IS connnual ly t;nak!_ng intercefJion forthce, Ifaz. 27. 2, 3. Every moment he IS ble!Tmg when tnou art fmn ing. Oh the unknown love of the Lord Jefus ! Oh thefe fits of love are nor fi t for him. Love h1m every moment, delight in him every ' momem. When a nun h:1 rh a fire every moment warming him, but Hill is cold, it's a fad fign rhat Deat h is near: You can love him fometimes in a s.ermon, but foon after co ld ag.1 in, or in a SacrJment, and prefemly heart-dead agam : or after anfwcr to Pr.1yers,;md lo•ne fpeciAdeliverances, and.then.the hem is un-affected ag.1in , and fo a little p.111g oflove mu£1: content Chnl1: : 1f he ceafeth one mO'I:em ro love thee, and to :nanife(! it to thee, then ceafero love h~m; if he ce.1ferh not ro love thee de 1rly , never to le.we rhee, Oh thenever love btm. But we havefuch dijlraEtiom and cares ? Men in love will follow rheir wo:k, and Women will do rhe Hufwifryof rhe houfe, and yet love is at no rime ro feek ro their Husbands , and lhall rhe Lord have leffe? 6. He loves thee with an unmeafurable love, Rom. 5. 20. where fin, there Grace hathabounded: henceEph. 2. 3,4- Love, and great love, verf. 7· Exoceding riches .of hio Grace : For there is in ChriH• . I. A creared love. One man loves another ex.;eedingly, as J•nathan did David. Now he hath the perfe&ion of all humane or Angelica! love rowards his people put in him. z. Increared love, infinite !eve of aGod , and hence 'tis immeafurable. He ~hin~s nothing he doth too much, nothing he gives too dear: hence when world ts !lam,Satan call: our, when he is outlin muHour; when fomefins removed, the reH mull:; when they are out, then deilth mul1: ; when Death, then Hell. And when rhereis no life, no Grace, he works it; it decaies , he re!1:ores it; it cannot a&, he quickens it; it cannot, dorh not grow, he waters it. He bath given thee the earth, aad the dayesof peace and patience; thofe are too little : he calls thee, and when thou canlt not come, draws thee, and ,gives thee pardon : that is too ltttle: he gives earth to thee, rhat is too little : ( world is theirs ) he gives Heaven to thee, that's too little (for they are made Co-heirs: ) he gives pro:nife to thee, that is too little : he gives himfelf, and Spirit , and can he do more ? Yes, we cannot drink in all that goodne!Ie and love; hence he gives eternity to thee, a~td he !hall more and more enlighten thee : not only let thy Soul live ro bleffe h1m, butthypoorbody, andeveryduftofittoberaifed up ro Glorywirh him. the Lord pr.:>:nifed to Abraham, J, blejfing I wi/16/ejfe,that portion is rl:lioe. Oh now love him wirhouo meafure. Ohh?w Jlqvcthy law.! how did David love lt? I cannot tell ; bur if he loved the wordofChri!l:, rhen much more the oerfon ofChrilt, the prefen,eof Chril1:, everla(!ing fellowlhip with Chrin:. Of1 rake heed ofgiving Chrilt, and meafuring out umo ChriH his portion, his allowance, that when the LordcomesroyoL• for more love (as he dorb daily) you give him that anfwer which many do in their pra&ice, you h.we let him h1":e as much as you can: fothlt you cannot fpare any more from your felves , froTl a bafeworld, from wife, and Child, and Creature , from a !lothful courfe: y•m hope the Lord will accept of that little he hath. Iconfelfe a)itrle water in a Spring is better than much th,lt by Land-floods, but be fure it be aSpring, elfe nor accepted. lleloved, time was you lived without Cbrilt, did uothing for hiryt: now you do; and what rhou do(l this year, did'l1: la£1: year, and no more: wnat l~ve Cbrill:had yet1erday, the fame he hath to day and no more: Will you t~us !l:mt the L0rd ? Either do more, give more , or mourn you cannot: Oh one nfe, one hem is too little for him. It hath put me to fad fears ~f many n:ens e(htes. ro fee rhis frame, aworld of lin without meafure every day : where 1s r~e Chr~Hun rhar loves the Lord the more r=very day ? how can any then fay much 1s forg1ven, when theydo nor love much. 7· He