Shepard - BT378 T4 S44 1660

\ ten Virgins Opened and Applied. 7· He loves thee now in Glory, there ha~b prepared a placeforrbee,Jolm 14. I, z, 3· where he long; for thee, John 17. 24. You kn~w Pharaoh•sBurler when exalted to his place, forgot poor Jofeph. One would thmk now the to:d Jefus is in Glory, and h,1th God, and~'\ngels , alld hts Kmgdom to comem htlb , he lhould never look after fuch aworm, fuch a poor helple!fe creacur.e as thee. BuG as the Hioh Prie!l carried the Names on his bre.ill, and precious fion~$,(o the Lord Jefus hath thy Name writ upon his very heart.. Ob now love him when he exalts thee to Glory, to give thee the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, with peace and quierne!fe. When Gerp;anJ lies in bbod, and Ea!l:ern Churches flain by the Dragon, devoured byrheTnrk._, when. Englands lig.hts and lamps are going 0~1t, no people have fuch peace, fuch glory 111 fo [mall a ttme. Beloved, now where ts love? The Churches·of Chri!l: never loll their love fo much as whe!l.they had their petce and h1ve been r6oo years a learning by Alfliclions and Perfecutions, how ro en~ joy their peace, and to have their love fmell as fweettherr, as when beaten moll:, and yet have nor, but like the Globe without the Cro!fe in the Emblem rollino and numino farther and farrherfrom God, In Cruu quits. Ob unreafonable rg love him lea"!l whom he tenders moll. Dorh nnr.Prayer grow cold for rbe Name ofChrilt, for the Churche~ of Chrilt? then love gr01vs cold. _Doth not plenty ofmeans make thy foul iletght means : when you went many mtles to hear, and had fcarce bread at home, Oh you thought if once you had luch liberries ! bur when they are made rours, now what fruit. Doll: not fall in affeCtions to Saints? Oh love dies, Chri!l deals not fo with thee, and who kncws but in Rocks and Mountains of the Wilderne!fe thou mai!l lament thefe evils 1vhich peace breed noiV? 8. He loves thee fo as when any evil toucheuh thee , he bath afeeling of it, and is grieved at ir, Jud. Io. 16. Ifai. 63. '{· nay be the.n comforts rh~e mo!l~both in them, and.byrbem, John I'f. 27. Not M theworldgsves ,peace, fogsve 1 it-to JOU: Oh then grieve thou f0r thofe evils that betide him , thewrongs that others offer him, but efpecially the unkindne!fe thy own Soul fuews him , Mark:s. 3. He mourned f•r the hardnejfe of their heart, ~pli. 4· 29, 30. Let n~ corrupt• commu~ nication promd out of your mouth , and gmve not the Holy Ghoft , Heb. 3. 10. Forty years long wM I grieved hecaufe tliey erred; I confe!fe you will wron<> him, butwillyou,mull:youbeimpenitenttoo? Did his enemies grieve him og emh, and fhall his Friends grieve him in Heaven, and no farrows, no fecret tears? he ha th fhed his Blood for thy fm, it lhall never condemn, and wilt not thou fhed tears ? Is there no good Nature? Butwhat is there no fpirit of 1U0!ll'ning ? It may be many.aday and week hall: thou grieved him , and not aligb to any purpofe to eafethee of thylin, butwhathath eafed thee in thy fin. Oh now cornfore his bearr. ~gain after thou hall: moH Prieved him; comfort his Spirit thau is dyin~ ligbing in thee; as he comforts thee by tbyrroubles,comfort him hy making a right ufe of all thy fins to be more humble,more vile, to love him the more , and love £by felf the le!fe, as the Prodigal Son, Luk; 1'5. ·IS·, 20, 24. · i 9· He loves rhee fo, that though he departs, he will nor , cloth not flay Iona from thee; tHough you may think itlong; lf-ai. 54·7· Hence it's wonder to feg when heart gone, love loll:, life loll:, yet fuddenly rhou art brought down on thy knees : Oh 'ris the Lord that cloth it: Thou wall: in forrow,of heart, he did not fiay long, but came and comforted thee ; thou wall: in thy fins , it was not long ' but he delivered tbee; thou wall in want ofknowledg ofhim, it harh not been long bur that he barb revealed the Lord to thee ; rhou halt been in afflictions and troubles, it bath not been long but he bath heard thee: So give him the like love. I know: you will fa!~ from love, in deligh~, in care; but do !JOt Hay long from htm. Sometime theham of the world Will thee from btm when rhou hall: rhy eafe and peace,Oh think it was better with me once than n0w; when fears drive thee from·him, yet return, I Sam.n. 21 ;n.,JOh here is that which hardens )) -