Shepard - BT378 T4 S44 1660

ten Virgins Opened and Applied. Spirit at hand, now to plead ~mpollibil.ity, is to reproach the Lord; to t.hink he will fet his people to make Bnck, and grve them no flra1v : nay EO war agamfl (Jod and to m~ke the Lord war againfl you, .Numb. I4· You know how they cried out of impollibilit·ies, and now the Lords anger rofe when they were ready to enter Cana~~n: So when men are ready to enter upon polfeflionof Chrifl, and Promifes, • then impollibilities appear. Confider therefore what the Lord hath E!one for David, Gideon, Samfon, who went out in the nan:e and Spiri~ of the Lord, ind were helped: If you were under the Law, yo14 mrght plead thrs , but under Grace 'tis houibll!: to make this excufe. 5. Confider if the Lord do not help (as he will be free) yet he will accept thy will , I know he will not accept the willies of fcrvants, yet he will accept the will of Sons ; neither will he accept the will of Sons in a w~rk they might have flrength from him to do, and go not to him for it ; but in that cafe he will , as 2 Cor. I 2. 9· i.e. 'tis enough, I accept thee : and this is very fweet , that for his own fake he fhould bepleafedas well with the will as with the work,for this is that which troubles , I would have help , the Lord gives none ; why the Lord accepts of it as if thou didfl it, as in Davids building a Temple: For a Chriflians work is done twowayes. Firfl, Sometimes by feeling, when we feel help. Secondly, Sometimes by Faith, by going to another for it: and this the Lord accepts moH mercifully, for this is his Vietory over all fin, evc:n his Faith. When we fee a duty hard, md do not go to the Lord for help,then we are overcome properly : For out of the abundance of the hem the perfon a& for Chrifl:. 6. Confider the Lord willhonourtbee (though thework cloth not) John IZ, 26. Him will mz Father ho»our, both in rhis life, Rom. 2. 29. and in that to come. '• . Now as •tis in acl:ing parts, 'tis no matter what Fellow-ac1:ers think, God is the great SpeCtator, God will efleemof thee, and Confcience thallwitneffe as much when no eye fees, or when men fee and judge ami!fe , yet the Lord approves , and at the great Day before Men and Angels, and all the world, I Cor. 4- 5. Then jhalleveryman hrtvt praife of God: and hence Mat. 25. Chrif1s judgement is made accordiag to die works ofhis people : becaufe then they thall not be compared with themfelves and their fins, but with the wicked : and hence to fee out their gloty,he reckons up all they have done. All men in all dieir aetsfeektoavoid fhame, and attain honour: now if you did know away for all men in to honour you, would you not attend it ? what is their Dreams to Gods honour ? Hence not one aet but is nowchronich:d, M11l. 3· x6. and afterward rewarded; I c.r. I 5· 58. Oh then give content to the Lord• . 7· Confider the peace you !hall have by this means, both whileyou live, and when you dye : what's the caufe of fo many doleful clamours of Confcience, but ~ :oofe carelelfe hem, rhe Lord is negleCted ; that 1vhen one pleads Faith, it will oereplyed,thetrueFaithistheFaith of the Son of God. NowistheFaith of God a carele.lfe Faith, a fecure, worldly , impenitent, dead Faith? you may ftt d?wn, andnfeagain, and fay true, yetl'le believe, fo you may' but it will be Wtth fuch a trembling fpirit as you will find no peace : Neither do I know how any can keep his peace otherwife, for there are children but Still-born; if born a living Son.' thou wilt live to God , necelfarily I mull: do it: But by this means, Oh there rs unfpeakable peace, Mat. I I. 29, 30. Hence Pllilll, 1 have finifhed my work_, &c. J•hn I4· 2I,to 24. you live without God, andwalkwirhoutGod,and Pray without God , but there is a day approachino that you !hall appear before the Lord }efus, you fhall wifh then , Oh that I had lived fo and fo : Oh do tlm now. 8. ConfidertheLordwillhaveitdone, itmuf1 be doAe, hence PnHl faid, Nmfsityliesuponme, ~~ndwoe to me, &c. theLord ihould be forfworn if he fhouldnotbringyou to it, Luk! I, 73,74, 75· According to the. Oath, &c. I 2 Be!o-