Shepard - BT378 T4 S44 1660

----~-~------------~- 1 6 o , The 'Parable of the· I3e[oved you think lafie defire> Will ferve: no , 1t muH be done : you fay I can_ nor, itmufi be berrer\Vloh you. And henl:e look for a rod, and that rhe Lord f!.!!eft. Anfw. wil_l bring rou imo gr~>~t affliction till all is removed, and fo purge you ; and ifone adhctwn will nor do Jt, theniVorfe (hall come , he loves you better than fo. And remember you h.!Ve had warning this day : you came hither for rhe lords work and now your own Ju!Hes it out: look that God will rake away the Kingdom frord you, or fer oppreffors over you, or fend fome ilings among you : and then fay Oh I may dunk my walking umvorthy of God and Gofpel for cbis. ' 9· Confider elfe you llull make rhe Blood of ChriH lhed of no effeCl:, 2 Cor. 5· 14, I 5· Now wicked men need not fear this, no Blood lhed for them. Will you do fo? God forbid : The Jews have killed him_, will you drag him up and down the Hr~ets, trample on h1s Blood, and put h1m to open !hame. xo. Confider your rime is but ll1ort, and you have done but linlework, and 'tis not long but that your Crown ll1all be put upon your head. It's noted cf Enoch Gm. 5. that he walked wirh God three hundred years, (and that havino- Sons and D.mghrers, h..ving Family-conrenrmenrs, and incumbrances,) and li~ lived the lhorreH rime.. I am fure Angels are content ro come out of Heaven to do the work ofGod: wh.1t not do it here? Paul thought himfe[f born too foon becaufe for a rime he lived without Chrift. Oh bur now make rryal , and you will find it the'fweere(llife, that you will f.1y, why have I negleCl:ed this fo Iona? and if thou qofi no~ find fevc:n times more peace therein than in all the l"''orld, ;{ever fet foot here. How jhalt Ithus do the worlz.of Chrift ? I. Without Chrift you can do nothi•g, John I 5. 5. The Sun runs flill becaufe it's lignr of it felf; fo when rhe Lord is in you, you will do fo. Hence go not out to any duty in your ftrength, for then you will either not do it, or not hold our in it: No man can hold out athisworkthatfeeds not abundantly on his meat, fo here ; and here note but thefe rwo things. I, Do nor only in Ordinances do rhus, but out of Ordinances then,as in particular times ofrryal (for rhe Lord will not give you in an Ordinance as much Grace as lhall ferve you out of it ) lift up your hems to Chri!t, and fay as Chrifl, Father the hour i1 come, now glorifie thy Nttme, John I z. z8. So Lord, here is work to do, but a dead hem is upon me, Lord glorifie t~y Name. I hav~ feldom feen bur rhe Lord either helped then, or at fome other ume whea thou d1dH come, and then the Lord puts thee in remembrance that 'tis out of refyeC1: to that. z. Thus eomina and feeding on the Lord Jefus, believe that he will hdp, and that lhall be fo ; fome h.tve never got flrength againfllin till then, but this bath conquered difficulties, R•m· 8. 37, 38. In all thefe thing! we overcome, for I am perfw<~ded, f!;·c. So you coming helpleffe to a Chrifl , all his Hrengrh is yours by covenam. Be perfwaded he cannot go from his word: but yet we muft ufe other means fanCl:ified by Chrift , for Chri!l workerh by meanes. And therefore, II. Find out where the caufe of all your negligence and !loth lies in not doing the Lords work , nay of your doing Satans work. It may be you will fay you cannot , I know there is th,lt in Saints in part , but this is not the main , therefore I will reil you rhus. I. Before converGon the main wound of men is their Will, Video mel."ora proboq; dexteriora fequor: Hence J~hn 8.44.Hi1 /ujl! ye will do. Hence Mat. 2 3• 37. Tou would not: they fay he1ice we have a Will, Hay ·no. And hence we :mfw~r great ObJeCtion for Po!Iibiliries to keep all Laws by wmverfal Grace,wh1c~ us unjuit ro punill1 for nor doing that a man cannot do. VVe anfwer, Th~re IS a double impotency, Ex injirmitatt, Qr Ex malignitate, when men Will not, Prov. II, IZ, 13· z. Hence