Shepard - BT378 T4 S44 1660

79 ten Virgins Opened andApplied. ------------~------------------~~-------- ------- work, and droop when in old age. I know the Sainr.s light is obfcunid? and r.he Lordbides his face, but r~e1: they are troubled, a~d 1t !hall break ou.t wuh healmg in his wings. Nay ,.u d;etr life c rr.e they may thmk they know htm not, becaufe rliey have not rhofe meafures. Oh therefore fee a neceffiry c£ ir. I. You that are vile, and ignorantofChril.t; no Faith yer, no Chril.tyet: And wharrhen? Thyfms are upon thee no1v, and wo to thee, for the wrath tuco/l#e. Oh poor creature! thou dolt not fee, nor canl.t not fee, if thou did!t, thou wouldl.t nor crucifie the Lord of Glory. . z. you that be Profelfours of the Church. Oh deceive not your felves, if the Lord bath eniigbrened you, Ob blelfe him. If ~hr!(lwere here~ ~e would blelfe you, Mat.q.I6. Nay when he was here, he dtd tt, he ~orb tun I:'.eaven; I thtenk_thee Father,&c. Mat. II . 25. Luk! Io;zi. Buufnot, allts unfound, rhat ever you had. Oh rher~ore lo?k you be not ~eived here, and therefore wait upon the Lord to mamfelt btmfet(, Who knows but the Lord may help ? Nay when you are feeling of the infinite need of ir, and of your own wofu1 blindnefle, 'lis begun. SECT. VI. SEE the happinefli: of Saints ( all you Handers by ) and ~fall Believers. You Ufe ' . rhink whararerhey? What have they, tbati have nor? What gerrhey by feeking, by w..ourning ? They have the Lord bimfelf, not Kingdoms, nor Heaven, llOtguardofAngels, noapardon, norcomforror Grac<!only, bu~wbich is greater , and thanwhich there can be no greater, the Lord of Glory himfelf. Is there any rhing that is good there? 'ris t lieirs. I doubt not bur Angels ltand amazed at this. What halt rbou? Thou halt peace, and eafe, and duties, and friends, bur no Chrifi, then poor and curfed thou art. SECT. VII. HEnce lelrn to judge of your Faith, whether it be of the right make or no? ,Ufe 4• . wherher it be fucli a Faith as will never fail you,bur lhall in deepe!l: miferies, ' in foreH agonies, and rno!l: fur,ious temptations; nay in grearel.t .Gns and deferrions, be indeed afriend umo you? Is it fuch aFaith as pitcheth on, and clofetb : with rheperfon of Chril.t himfelf, and him alone ? So that all the delicrhts in crea~es quiet thee not, .unlelfe thou canfi find him through rhem ; Nay no Ordmances.cbeer thee, unlelfe thou can!l: fee him in them: Nay, Heaven it felfwill not content thee, bur him in Heaven.--Pfol.J3·25· ARdlience'ris him thoufeekel.t, 'tis himthoufeelt, 'ris him thou approvel.t thy felfunto, andferv~l.t : So that 'tis this Rock_of .zgts rhou truHel.t to, Jfa. z6. 3 ,4. 'Tis his !l:renarh rhou art l.tron~ by, ·~is his life thou livel.t by, 'dsthetord htmfelf that rhy F~irh fadoms. Thts 1s n~br, t Pet.z.7. For nqw what good can the Father deny thee, when he hJrh <>tven a Son ro thee ? What hurt can Satan do thee by all his!flakings, when thou ball the Son himfelf, this corner-fione, this horn. offalvanon to fupporr thee? What hurt can the Law do ~bee, when thou hail tighteoufneffe in aSon ? What hurt can delulion do thee, when thou hafhvifdom ever plotting for thy good, in fuch a: glorious Head as rhe San? What hurt can death do thee, or lin do rhee, IYhen thy life is in the Son? Oh ltad me to the Rock_, faith David, tbat is higher than I. Ob here is a rock higher than death, than grave, than lin, than Satan, Who can hurt thee now ? Bur ob Beloved , how many falllhort of entring into this reft ? and doling with this.perfon? And there- ·