Shepard - BT378 T4 S44 1660

8z The (Parable of the { Nay 'cis che ~re at plague under meanes, that in fee!ng t~ey fee ~1or: Lord how long: I you fay ChnH never fo clearly feen,true,but rhou mfeemg madt not fee ; and if it be rhus, then look for ruine, Ifai. 6. 9, Io, II, 12. We fay ChriHians .vane nor liahc, buc life and atfecl:ions. Oh begg for light chat will bring affections elfe all atfeC(ions will dry up ifnot fed with this Spring, John 5· 37· What pe~.t'le had Cuch means as they, yet they nor eyes eo fee? . 4· Thofe that do not clofe with the bare fancy of Chrift, but with himfelf . bur. 'tis not for himfelf, and for his holinelfe, but only fo~ his peace, and conrC: lacions, andjoyes. Like afick woman that comes to the Phylirian, nor eo marry her, but eo heal her, cure her, and fo comfort her. Or if il1e dorh co:ne co marry him, 'tis only to fatisfie herluft, or to fave her fro:n trouble, &c. In a word, they receive Chrifl, that he may give contentment to them, and nor that hereby chey may alfo give contentment unro him. They clofe wirh Chr.i/1 to maketbemhappy_, not to make them holy; _But theychus clo,lingwirhhim, r~ey have hun, a~d hence reJoy~e exc~edm~ly, and hence have a lm·e to him, al\d hen_ce Come kmd of co:n;mumon ~Ha hun, and hence rhink rhey are efpoufed to h1m, ~nd t; fam!l1ar With h1m ~ban others, and hence verily look with thefe five foolifb V.rgm£ co e~_nbrace che Bnde-groom : Th,lt look as a Saint from a falfe apprehenlion of Chnll, robe none of h1s, may be very fad, lofe b 1s joy, nay hi ~ very love! in the a~ of it, nay his communio~J and boldnell~ rogo to him nay h1s expetbnon of hrm; fo from a falfe conce1t that Chnft rs mine e conr:n. Thus a man is grievoufly troubled with the fight ofGods anger, and ~vi'rh h' rror, and ufeth all, at laH he fees only Chri!t can do it, and hence leeks for and prizeth his love (.for his Gne eafe ) for as horror may be his gre!tellevil, fo love to eafe him, may be his grearefl good: At la[l: he is fully perfwaded. How? By any work or word? ~o, but Godhath perfwaded, and its now fealed~ ben~e Joy. _But n?w. rhere 1s matter Qf more trouble, holinelfe, and clofe walking With Chnll, rhrs Is troublefome, he cares not for Chrill ro help him here; but devifeth how ro keep Cbriit and joy wirhour holinelfe. H~nce let aworld of fin lie upon them, they be nor troubled ~vi eh rh.1t, rbey look np ro Chrifl ; or if rbey fee and be troubled atit, rhey take lt as a burden, nor as the greatell burd~n. .Hence (fa~ men) you mufl not Judge_ (!)f your eltate ?Y any thmg or quahficanon you feel myour felf, for rhefe m a~ fad your eye-fight 1n milly times ( But we mull: follow 1tchen, and not relt nil we fee and find it, for without holinejfe no mnn fhall fee God) Hence alfo let rbere be never fo many falls, yec fay rbey, never call your llare imo quell ion, hence they profeffe, we cannot move till we be moved, and if I do nor, -it is net my fault. Hence ifMinillers do oreach any chir.Jgs which ~re not about rbe perfon ofChriU, Gr the excellency of a Chriflian in Chrill, or the empcinelfe of rhe cre1ture to prepare for Chrill, (which are indeed of great ufe) and preffe roany work or fervice ofChrilt, they are Legal Preachers, and bring people under of works. Wherea> if we preach duties, and leave rhem as ligns, before being in Chrilf, rhey are fo, but here to pr~.1Ch any dury of rhe Law, is parcofthefweer will of Chrill. Tell us (fay rhey ) what we D1ould do. What can aman do r He can d. all things. through ChriJ!: True, bur Chrill mull come eo aCt it. Yea, But he bath a Faitli to fetch it, I John I. 6. many .faid they had communion with him, I 'fohn z. 3, 4· It fee:ns , they faid they had no fin, as now fo:ne fay, God fees no fin in ju!l:ified people, God looks to che new creature only, 'cis not I bur fin: if the Spirit help nor, 'tis not my fault. Not many dayes finceir did lye upon rhe fpiricof one, \yho feeing ChriH lmh undertaken all, dofed with him, rejoyced in him, aot for chis end , nor fro!ll che be,ll!ty they faw in holinefs, nor bitrernefs oflinfulncfs,bur becaufe they iliould be e,1fed of rhe work. 1 I have known the'll chat have lived in fome lin , and pro:nifed the Lord D1all be ble!led ifhe fave them in cheir fin, and canceiring he would, have loved him; rhus l---------------------------·chefe.,