Shepard - BT378 T4 S44 1660

ten Virgins Opened and Applied. chefe. In aword, che foul of man deGre> rell: and peace,feek> _for ic in Creatures, feek> co facisfie it felf there, there it cannot ; hence feek> for tc ( as mmy dying rr:en do j in Chrilt, not in che Grace, bm:'in rhe JOY of Chrifl:; not in ChriHs holy prefence, but in his comfon!ng prefen~e ; feekt!lg the u~n;o!t perfeeti~~ of a Chri- !lian in che fe1le of the Srmt , not m the ffilghty achngs of the Spm for God. Hence he is delude], and fancies he harh Chri(t, and hence Joy. Sin is the great evil! hence the endofChriHscoming is to take it away. Hence if aman clofe with Chrift, to remove horror, nor fin, and fo harh not clofed with him for his holinefs you never clofed with ChnH for the end of his coming, nor for his , bur only for' your own ends, and fo 'tis nm him, but his, 2 C.r. 2. I 5. The Gofpei is a favostr to them that perifh, if of Death co death. Oh conGder of chefe things if ir benotthus. I John 5· II, I 2, Haft rhe Son forrhyporrion? .DoH'fee his Glory full of Grace co accept andfanelifie thee, thou halt life : if not che Son , but only fo:r:ething from him , Oh dearh and not life! the bonds of De.nh (nor life ) are upon thee, which no creature can unloofe unleffe the Lord corr:e co chy Grave-fide and unloo!e thee. ' SECT. VIII. TO clofe with rke Perfon ofrhe Lord Jefus: you will think this is nor a right it(( 5· courfe rhus to do. VIle cannot do it. Anfw. Yet the Gofpei harh corn- Of E:>.·hort. mands and entreaties wherewith ChriftS Spirit goes to the Elect ; and if you could fee Chrift in rhe minittry of man, you ihould feel ic ; And hence we look . ic fhould be fo : and befldes, Saints that have Faichand power, are qui<·kened by the voice of che Son ofGod. Conflder therefore, 1. All"men are fallen imo a bottomlefs gulf of mifery and ,fln , though once righteous. Hence God~ uurh having faid , he that fins JhaH dl.e : hence juflice comes out to do execunon, and when the neck of all men chus'hes on the block, , yet mercy pities, ~nd faith, Oh fpare,fave! Satisfie me faith juftice,then I will: hencemercyfendsfo;ch a Son, when 'no men nor Angels could help, and he cakes fleih, takes all their !in, fulfi! ls all righteoufnefs, bears cheir forrows, and by on• offering pcrfeEls f•r ever them that are fanFtified; and having done this, is now at che right hmd ofGpd in the Glory of his Father , all creatures ft,bjett ro hlm, all excellencies being mecrogether in him : fo t!m now ' he is rhe deliPhr of God, the joy of Heaven ; fo that whatfoevcc thou canlt want , or lofeH, if thou ha<lfi him, rhou 01alt find it in him: and alfo whatever he can do for thee, in his rime thoo !halt receive it fro!11 him, Deut. 33. 26, 29. Who u lik$ the God of Jefurun. z. Nowrhereis a univerfal offer wall people where the Gofpel comes; enemies are emrem:d robe reconciled ; for though he bath not dyed for all , yer now being King, fuch is his excellency, char he is worchyof all: Hence commands all to receive hi'TI : and if this be acondemning fm ro rejeCt him , ,cis then a command lie> upon you to receive him, and the foundation of this offer is your wants and miferies. You are dead, Oh come to him therefore forlife; weak,guilcy,blind, Oh therefore come to him for pardon, peace, and life. Not fulnefs, nothing but empcinef.<isrhegroundofthis offer, Jer. 3· 22, 3. Hence rhere is nothin~ on Gods p~rt, nor yet on yoor parl that can keep you from him. No fins, no wants,unlefs it be your will, Mat. 23. 37· Therefore now who-ever will fh, ll have him, let him take him, Rev. z2. 17. There be cwo aets of rhe Will, Election and Refo't;rion, I mutt have him, which if you will , nothing chat ever thou didH or canft do can pleafe the Father fo much: fo that he wi.JI I. Adopt thee to be his Sm~, John I. 12, As ~contra. z. Thou !halt enrich thy felfwich a greater bleffing eh an if Heaven, and Earrh, and all glory M 2 was