Shepard - BT378 T4 S44 1660

O!Jjea. x. Anfw. O!Jjea.z. .Anfw. ohjea.3. Anjiv. OhjeC/:.4. Anfw. objea. 5· A nfw. . £0eft. Anjw. -------------------· The 'Parable of the was put inro rhy hand,as the Lord himfelfis berter than all; and hence once thine, c:ver thine , none lhall pull thee out of his hand, l Pn. I. 5. And it lhall rejoyce the h~.m ofChrill himfelf in Heaven, when as his Jlride rhou givefi to him thygood wdl,Ifai. 62. 5· .A,nd if you do nor kifs the Son he will be anory, Pfalm z. And God knows whether now rhe laf.t word , the lad offer is ro bg made ro rhee. But 1 find fuch ftns i~t me , that till they aregone I dare not. . Then you will firil: remove fin, and after receive Chriil: : fi ril: be your own favtours, and then make him another: you lhall never do ir. Oh dofe with him to take fin away, becaufe lick, therefore receive him. But 1 have no will, m7 heart u endeared to myftn. Therefore relign up rhy [elf to him to give thee a will , (put it into his hand as b~d as it is, this is Spoufe-like) and tO take a1vay rhar will to fin, fo thou lhalt have htm, I am my Beloveds, he is mine: For rhe Father looks to the Law, and faith, Sinner if thou believe thou lhalr bdaved; now lie under rhe Spirit, and you ;re where you lhould be; refiHhere, you re!iil: the Holy Ghoft. Oh but fin is ce:tr. Confider, I. Whdt good did ir ever do thee. 2. Harh Chrifi lhed his Blood or no, if nor, Oh rhe wrath ofGod is ro come; if heharh, Oh wilt thou offer this wrong ro his Blood, rhat a Lult lhall be deJrer rhan it, rhy bloody Knivesclearer than rhe life, and dearh, and mercy o~ a Son : Oh rherefo:e if any Soul harh any luH dear, I befeech you by all the bmer forrows of Chnll, norro rejeCt fo great falvation. . But muftI receive Chrift with my own ftrength? . . No, you cannor, nor ought nor , bur if rhe Lord puts Hrength in thee, pur it, fQrth. Many followed Chrifi for loaves, bur none rhar ever came to him for himfelfrhar ever be put away, Pfalm 81. II, 12, q. I fhmed m11ch {,..le, h11t they would none ofme ; Oh that the; had hearktned. An thi;; infiant God may give thee a he,lrt• . But I fear I fhall neverget my ftns remo11ed that I feel, which 1 think_ ca>r4Dt /land WJth Grace. Gods Promife and Rea)on is crofs to rhy fears ; if a Son, all things alfo though many years hence, Rom. 8. 32. If nor by receiving, is i~ by rejeCting rhar rhou lhalt atrain rhy end? 'Tis true, thou halt fallen offbyrhy finftom Chri!t, becaufe rhy falls have made chee fall offbyunbelieffrom him, and made thee fay, either I do not believe, or the Lord intends no good to me: you have had no firengrh, becaufe nor G1tisfied wirh meat. But I may prefume. Is it prefumprion to honour Chrit1:, and to have him honoured in thee ? No, Dofl: think if rhe Lord lhall afrer all rhy fins, and in rhe midfi of all rhy mi!eries give rbee Chrill, lhail he nor be honoured by this ? ye•, who cm ever have fuch caufe to love him as I ? Shall nor rhy receiving of him by Faith honour him? ye_s, Rom. 4· zo. Canlt dilhonour him fo much as by re ,eCl:ing him ? when he harh laid down his life , /hewed his love, offers himfelf; n ·w ro re;eft him, 'cis ro offer grearefi contempt ro him and his love that can be: hence cm you honour him fo much as by this ? Do never fo much without him, he is unfatisfied : do this, h~ is well-pleafed. Nay after all thy fins, yer he faith, Return to me: Nay , noth~ng ' el[e is fuch,ms to honour him , by doina for him. lf fo, grant thou art vtl.e, unworthy, poor,yetfor rhehonourof\heL~rdJefusdoir, \Vhois bur little honottred in the world , and fl:and out no longer: thus receive him, and then know it you are Sons, and rejoyce ·jn it, and do it now while the Spirit is upon thee, .111d remember now not rochanae, Jer.2.II. As Women,Oh I would nor change; fee how happy is rhy choice: B~.r Lord who harh believed our Report! How ma7 the Soul come toclofe withtheperfon of the Lord 'fifm ?. 1. Before any man can dole , i.e. fee and fay he dorh c!ofe wuh t be Lord ~s hts