Shepard - BV4500 S53 1747

To the CHRISTIAN READER, ?ll which fe£e& Cafes, (andmany more, that collates iue fi cm their Sides) are judiciou/ly refolved with much Pesfpicuity and Brevity in thefe few Sheets, by the only fudge of all Controverfes; the two -edged Sword of the Spirit, the Word of God. Thus humbly befeeching thee, to read over this Epiflle of Cbrifl to thee, with the fame Spirit of Love, andof a fittedMind, which indited every Line in it : Ido dcfre to leave thee at the Throne of Grace, in the Arms of Grill, with the Father of all Comfort ; that thou magefl receive the Peace of God whichpal- ph all Undcrflanding, and be crowned with 70) un- fpcakable and full of Glory. I fubfcribe my Pelf, Friend, Thine in any fpiritual Furtherance of thy Faith, Dated from Charter-hok`e in London, Feb. I. 1 647, TL'zlliam ,fldderle; d