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EREERREEIMETEM Chriftian Reader. BEing &fired toperule and give our Opinion ofthe: Refolutions in this Letter now prefented to thy View, We muft confefs, they appeared to us very .: precious. For 'we have feldom feen .4cutenefi, Nofounclnels, and Godlinefs, fo eminently, equally, and happily matched. There are in Chrifi's School divers Forms, Eitmentaries, and Men of exercifed Wits, Ths Scholar propofing theft Cafes was no Fully, and he was happy in rneeti1/2g with a Teacher fo able for Refolution. Therefore, who ever reads and heeds, will not repent of his Labour. But the more knowing the Reader is, and the more experienced in the Ways of Chrifl, the more De light may he take in, and the more profit may he reap by thrle pious andprofound Refolutions. So We are Thine in Chrift Jefus, March 27. 1648. John Geree, And William Greenhill. ,loaa 11 CORRECTIONS. Page. Line. Read. 8. 17. banith from you 9. 4, 5. Your Friends have had the Welcome and have lodged 12. 13, 14. involuntary zo. 16. ( as Ele6iion 48. 21, 22. Again to your Complaint, [ And I fuppofe this Paragraph fhould come in at the End a Page I. J