Shepard - BV4500 S53 1747

( I ) 7.) o..`,ti; Dear Sir, Dare not multiply many words in acknow- ledging and . profefiing my own unfitnefh and infufficiency to yield your loving and moil welcome Letter,that fatisfaétion which both Yourfelf defire, and it deferves: Nei- ther yet will Î be fo unfaithful to you ; teeing your expeation puts me to reply : Neither ought I ( I think ) be fo unferviceable to JEsys CHRIST, who in you, and by you, beckens to me to take this call to write to you, and not to neglect fo fair a feafon ; feeing efpecially it may 6e poffible my dying Letter to you, before I depart from hence, and return to him, as not, knowing but our la/1 difafiers and Seafiraits, of which I wrote to you, may be but preparationsfor the executio*s of this next approaching voyage. Yet our eyes are to the hills, and our defires are your prayers and at this time my endeavour (hall be in refpea of your felf, to break open that light to you, and to prepare it to you, with that brevity I may, and with what plainnefs I am able : befeeching the God and Father of our Lord Jefus Chrift, ,yho mutt be when all fails, the wonderful Counfellor,,