Shepard - BV4500 S53 1747

2 Of ORDERING the THOUGHTS Counfellor, to give you the fpirit ofrevela- tion ; and that after you have fufFered, a while by thefe outward temptations, doubts, fears, defections, diftraaions, which the Letter men- tions, he would make you perfea, ftablifh, ilrengthen, and fettle you. And this I verily think will be the unexpe6 ed, yet happy, joy- ful and molt glorious end of them ó For farce I have obferved and feen the lamentable ruins of the foul, and feeming graces of many men, by being rock'd afleep in a quiet Rill calm, eafy performance of duties without fuch a- waking temptations and tumults within, which it felf complains of > I fay fince I have ob- ferved ' what a deal of mud is in the bottom of fuch ftanding Pool's, and what a deal of filth is in fuch Motes, which are inwardly at Cafe, and not emptied from veffel to vefrel ; next unto the donation of the Lord Jefus to a man, I have accounted fuch tumultuous heart-dorms and uproars, together with the fruitfnj orange effeas of them, the fecond mercy. For I never faw that man kept from fecret putrefaaion and corruption, that was not ufu- ally falted with fuch temptations, (efpecialiy in a Chriftian's firft Apprentifhip) which ufually preferve him entire till death. And there- fore, Dear Sir, faint not ; for Jefus Chrift will raife a world of bleffings out of your pre- fent Chaos and confufions. But I make hafte to anfwer, before your reply to my first Letter. Your complaints are many. CASE