Shepard - BV4500 S53 1747

.16 _. Of being HUMBLED heart tiling againft the deepef{ humiliation for the leaf} fin, though you be in Chriff, and under grace ; For as Daniel, when he was put into the Lions den, had not he caufe to won- der that he was not torn in pieces by them ? and why ? becaufe it was not from any defect on their parts to tear him in pieces, but from the omnipotent power, and mercy, and grace of his God, that muzzel'd their mouths ; fo though no Lion can tear, though no fins can hurt or condemn a Chriffian, as he is confa- dered in Chriff, yet, has not he caufe to con- fefs and wonder, and fay, Lord, it is thy meet grace and mercy that it is not fo ? Which is the as of humiliation your letter faith you can hardly come unto ; and why ' not becaufe God's grace puts any lets evil in fin, but be- caufe it is rneerly grace Ciat keeps it from (pitting that venom which otherwife it would. 2. Secondly, A Chriflian may be confidered in refpeet of his natural being in hirn/elf ; and thus he is ev?r under the Law, and as oft as he finneth, under the fentence of death, arid as the Apoffle (peaks, by nature even we (juflified, are the children of wrath as well as others. And thus after the leaíft involuntary accidental fin, you may eafily fee what caufe yuu have to lie down deeply humbled, mourn- ing under the fentence of death, and God's eternal curie, as a condemned man going to execution, to feel that fire that (hall never go out ; looking upon your felf as you are in your felt; a forlorn. Gaff-away every moment o and this