Shepard - BV4500 S53 1747

for SINFUL I7ISTRkOT1ONS. this truly underflood is the foundation of a Chrìs íliau's forrow, fhame, and confufion of face, felt- loathing, felt- forgetting, felt-forfaking, and condemning every day. And, believe it Sir, it is no fmall Piece of a Chriftian's fkill and work, to put a difference between himfelf and himfelf, himfelf as he is in Chriff, and fo to joy and triumph ; and himfelf as he is grow- ing on his firft root, and fo to forrow, and loath, and condemn himfelf : fo that, to wind up all that I have Paid, look upon your felt as in Chrift, you may fay thefe involuntary in- firmities do nor, (hall not, condemn me. But Lord it is Grace, Grace that it is not, fo, and this is Evangelical humiliation. Look again upon your fell, as you Eland on your own bottom, and live in your own nature, and fo you may fay after the leafl infirmity, I have now broken a molt holy and righteous Law, and therefore I am already condemned : (O woe is me, I have already undone my felf by mine iniquity : and this is Legal humiliation. which ferves for mortification, as the fiat for vification. I know it is very difficult to bring the heart to acknowledge freely it deferves death after fo fmall an involuntary offence. But when the Lord reveals two things, Fir/!, himfelf in his glory, Secondly, how the leafs fin ftrikea him ; I perfwade my fell, the vileflr heart can- not but be forced to confefs how juft God fhould be in his fevereft proceedinga againft k..m. And withal confider, the more involun- k?ry any fin is, the tnon iton,s and natural. it