Shepard - BV4500 S53 1747

Of being 'HUMBLED it is, and the more the more horrible ; as to be a natural Thief is far'worfe than to be a deliberate, thief, who fornetimes flea's ' and therefore, good Sir, take heed of looking," no deeper, nor feeing no further than the ' bare aa, and unvoluntarinefs and accidentalnefs, and fuddennefs of your infirmities : for if you do, you look through the wrong end of the glafs, and they will appear fo final!, that you will find it a very tough work to bring your heart confentively, to fay, ( if I may fay and ufe your own phrafe) It is thy mercy Lord that I am not confumed for them- : But look upon them as indeed they are, in refpea of that in- finite glory you flrike, doing the g'reatefl mil chiefs to God by them, and (which makes them thee viler) as they are fo flrong you can - not remove them, and fo horrible as that it is natural to you to commit them, &c ; and furely you will not through grace, find fuch thoughts , haunt you long : Not but that they Will be, haply, riling and tempting, but never alway vexing -and prevailing. Satan's ground reaching as far as the minds of God's people ; and therefore fo far he ' may come," and there " he may walk ; (for he came into the mind of innocent fldam, nay Yefrrs Chriff, by his fuggefling" temptations :) but the heart is Chrift's peculiar poffeflion and purchafe and if he (hall fill there offer to come in and vex you, and prevail againfl you, and to lodge his fuggeflions this or any other way with you, you have Law and Chriff on your fides' by this little light ilaw given you, r I t-af Nvi out C A