Shepard - BV4500 S53 1747

Of Conceiving arigbi CASE. IlL Of conceiving aright of the Holy Trinity. The third thing that troubles you, is the dif ranking of the Perjons in the Trinity : For though you think the Holy Ghoft' is God, yet you have not fo high a repute of him, as of the Father and' the Son, becaufe the Son ad dreí%th himfelf to God the Father in all his prayers and acknowledgments, in a more im- mediate manner than unto the holy Ghof ; and therefore you would know, if the word Father (as in the Lord's Prayer) includes not the Unity in Trinity. To this briefly confider three things. z. Without all queflion, Lhe fame God which lies under that relative property of Father, is . the fame God with the God -head of the Son, and the God -head of the Holy Ghofi, there be- ing not three. Gods : and therefore the God-head of the Son and Spirit, are not excluded, but 'included in the God- head of the Father, when we look upon the Father as God, in the Lord's Prayer, or any where elle. 2.. But fecondly, the Father as Father, is never taken for the fame Holy Ghoft in Scripture ; ror the Son as Son, is taken for the Father.; nor the Holy Ghoff as Holy Ghoff, is at any t=me taken .for the Son For it is a rule in Theologie, though the res fubflsata, the thing that lies under the Relative property (viz.. the God-head) of every perfon, be common and