Shepard - BV4500 S53 1747

if the HOLY TRINITY; communicated ; yet the fame God-head cordi- dered as clothed with his Relative property (as Father, Son and Spirit) it is not common, but peculiar. For the God-head of the Father as Fither, is, not the God-head of the Son as Son, Sze. 3.. Hence it follows, that when Chrifl addref feth himfelf to the Father as Father in Scrip- ture, it is not becaufe He is either a diverfe or greater God than the Holy Ghvi, but it is for two other reafons: i. Becaufe the Father as Father, received primarily the wrong that fin did aaainft his work of creation : For the Father being the firft perfon in order and creation, the firft tranfcient aa as ( eleaion and reprobation were The firft immanent ); hence this work is attri- buted chiefly to God the Father, in refpea of our orderly apprehenfion : and hence man fin- ning then when he was only made, this is, chiefly attributed to be againft the Father, be- caufe his work appeared to be chiefly there ; and not againft the Son, for his work chiefly appears in redemption, he being the fecond Perfon, and this the fecond main and wonder- ful work ; neither againft the Holy Ghoft, for his work chiefly appears to us in application, being the third Perfon, and this the third main a6t that ever God will do, or fhow forth to the world in this life. Hence God the Fa- ther receiving to our apprehenfion, the wrong in creation by fin, He is the Perfon that is to be fatisfied, and not the Holy WV. And hence