Shepard - BV4500 S53 1747

Of Conceiving aright hence 7efus Chri/l, is all his, prayers has a moth fpecial eye to Him, and not to the Holy Ghoj ( as Holy .Ghoft ).becaufe He came into the world, by his death, and interceffion, and ftrong cries to fatisfie God the Father,, and not God the Holy Ghoft as a third Perfon. And hence it is 'laid, r. John 2. r, 2. If any fin, we have én Advocate with God the Father, (not God the, Holy Ghofi) becaufe He was, rto our a.pprehen- fion, the Perfon: wronged : and 'hence we are, after fins committed, chiefly .to eye the Father in our prayers, and to go to him for pardon with our Advocate with us ; becaufe to whom of- fence is chiefly offered, from him chiefl<!.par- don and reconciliation is to be expe&:d. 2. Therefore ChriJi addteffeth himfelf chiefly in his prayers to God the Father, becaufe he is -; the original and firft caufe of all good ; becaufe he is the firft Perfon in order of fubfifting, and therefore firft too in the manner of conveying. I know the God-head is the original of all good : but confider the Perfons one with ano- ther, and fo the Father, is ever the firf} in ope- ration, as the Holy Goof: is the Taft in con - fummation ; for all good comes from the Father, James i. 17, through the Son by the Holy GhoJI. And hence in all our prayers we are to look for all good from the Father, for his Son's fake, to be conveyed us by the Holy Ghaf! : and hence it is (aid, John 6. r o. No man comes to me but whom the Father draws : Why ? It is the im- mediate office and work of the Holy Ghoft to- draw and apply the foul unto Chrift ; why Jeri