Shepard - BV4500 S53 1747

ax Of going to GOD immediately. is it laid, Unlefi the Father draw ? The reafan is, becaufé that which was perfeted and con - fummated by the Holy Ghoft,was intentionally and by way of purpofe and decree begun originally by the Father : and this is that which Chriti's words have chiefly reference unto, viz, the Father through the Son by the Holy GIoft draws. But I have waded too far in this Divinity, the clear knowledge of which, is referved for us in heaven : But thus much to fatisfie you. Yet the word Father in the Lord's Prayer, I conceive under correion, as it doth not exclude any perfon of the God -head, fo its chiefly fet down there, not fo much to denote the Perfon . of the Father, as the Aittion of God as a Fa- ther to us his Sorts by Chriff : which we are to, believe in our firfl approaching to our prayers, to be as, nay to tranfcend the affe6tion of any Father to his Son ; when we come to call upon him for thofe fix things which the Petitions fet down for thofe three ends, Kingdom, Power, and Glory, which the Prayer concludes withal, CASE. IV. Of going to GOD immediately. Your fourth trouble is your aptnefs to go to God immediately, efpecially when his graces are moft ftriving in his ordinances, contrary to that of Chriff, Ye believe in God believe all; in me. Anfw. So indeed it is ufual for religious na- ture often to out -run and get the hart of grace as