Shepard - BV4500 S53 1747

Of going to GOD blartediately. 23' as it appears in many other, fo in this, cafe you put. Look as it is with every man when God awakens him effedually>, he fir l feels to his kitchin phyfick to fave himfelf by his duties, praying, mourning, reforming, endeavouring, re- peating, working, before he will feek out to the Ph) fician, and to Chrift to fave him : Be- caufe it was natural to Adam to feek to live by his working, it is natural to every Son and branch of that root, to leek to fave himfelf by doing as well as he can, or as God gives him the ftrength and grace : So it is here. It was natural to Adam to depend upon, and go to God immediately, as a creature to a Creator, as a Son to go nakedly to God as a Father: Chrift was not then known nor feen : fo it is natural to every man when reé1ihed Nature is furred up, to go immediately to God. It is grace in the fecond Covenant that reveals . and draws to Jefus Chrifi, and to God by Chrift, Heb. 7. 25. For cure of this diflerper, ponder but thefe three things. 1. Clearly convince the foul that the immor- tal, invifible, and molt holy God, that dwelleth in an "unapproachable light, has fet out himfelf to be feen, or made himf;"lf only vifible in Jefus Chrift ; fo that he would have no man look upon him any other ways, than as he has re- vealed himfelf in his Son : In whom (though in all other creatures his vefligia and footfteps are to be feen) as he is God, the face of God is to be feen ; which no creature is able to behold,