Shepard - BV4500 S53 1747

Of going to GOD immediately. ubt there, being the brightneJs ofhis glory, and the exprefs 1,.,-iage of bis Perfon, Fhb. t. 3. And as he is ma7, the very heart of God, both in refpe6? of Affeaion, and Will is to be feen ; So that in and through Jefus Chrift, efpecially his hu- man nature, the glory of the great God breaks out like the Sun through the clouds mofat bright- ly, in refpe& of us ; and therefore in and through his human nature we are only to behold God, in whom all that a Chriftian defires to know, is to be feen, which is the Face and Heart of fo dear a Friend, 2. Cor. 4. 6. Yoh.. 14. 9, io. For we know by too lamentable experience, how the whole world vanifhing in their fmoaky thoughts of the glory of God, as he is confidered in him - feLl, and not able to conceive or retain the know- ledge of him ; did hence invent and let up Ima- ges as fit ohjeds for their drunken ftaggering underffanding to faffen upon, and to be limited with ; and hence adored God before thefe, (as our Popifh Hypocrites do before the Altar) and in thefe and at thefe, as Papifts do in refpec`l of their Images. Hence the Lord to cure this inveterate natural malady, bath in the fecondPer - fan, united himleif to man Chrift Jefus ; through whom we are both able to our everlafting won- derment to fee him, and alto here bound only to behold him ; who as he is a fit handle for our faith, fo he is a fit object for our weak minds to behold the glory of the molt high God in. Wherefore then do you offer to go unto God Without Chrift, whenas you are not fo much as to look upon Gods but as he appears in Chrift