Shepard - BV4500 S53 1747

Of going to Got) immediately.. Tr not the human nature of the Lord jefus more e2.fie to be feen and conceived of, than the in- vifible unlimited eternal God-head ? 2. See evidently that there is not any drain or drop of God you have, efpecially in God's ordinances,, but it iffues from the blood, and la purchafed by the interceffion, and delivered unto you by the hand of jefus Chrift. Ephef r. 7. liebr. 7. 25. yhn 5. 22. You fhould never have heard the found of the gofpel, nor ever have had a day of Patience, nor ever have heard of God's ordinances to find him in ; nor ever have been comforted, quicle.ned, enlarged, afFe6ted by God's Ordinances, were it not for jefus Chritl ; the efficacy of whole blood, and power of whole glorious interceffion, doth at the very infant you feel any good in God's Ordinances, prevail with God the Father for what you feel For the Father loveth the Son,and has putall thinks into his hands, 7th. 3. 35; that all men might honour the Son; joh.5. 22,23. all the three Perfons plot- ting chidly for the honour of the fecond fa that you may fee, nay you are bound to believe, at the time you feel your heart favingly affeaed in any ordiFance now ; Lord jefus, who is at the right hand of od in heaven, who is now in his glory, now he remembring me a 'poor worm on earth, now I feel the fruit of his death. O what a miferable forlorn wretch had I been, were it not for jefus Chrift ? Mercy could never have helped, enlightned, comforted, (planed, affured, enlarged me ; and juftice could never have relieved my dead, bloody, pe- E tithing